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Sustainability - By🌱Smart Green Growth🌱


The challenge


Our project is a hydrophonic system that conserves the use of water. it does this by preventing loss of water by evaporation and transpiration from plants. the system also makes use of solar energy so it can be run off the grid in remote areas. this concept is expandable to large scale industrial applications.

What does it require

They system uses an enclosed case over a table which has a water reservoir in its base. a solar panel and battery system is also required. A pump helps circulate water in an enclosed vertical garden setup.

How it works

The Water is circulated around an enclosed hydroponics system by way of a central pump sits in a reservoir. any water which escapes through the plant leaves is captured by dehumidifies and returned to the reservoir. API's from OpenWeather and SILO are used to monitor the weather and to know then to allow the system to capture outside water. a solar system power the system via a cheap mobile phone hooked up through the internet or via mobile data.

Please note that the evidence of work is a onenote and homepage has source code.

Evidence of Work



Team DataSets

Openweathermap forecast API

Description of Use: We use this API to help streamline the operations of our hydroponics system

Data Set

SILO Longpaddock climate API

Description of Use: the API helps find rain fall for our hydroponics system

Data Set


Innovative ways to be efficient with water

Region: Australia



Region: Australia


🌟 Community “Clean, Green and Lean” Rewards

Region: Northern Territory


Optimise energy and water resource planning

Region: International


🌟 Climate Change Issues in Hobart

Region: Tasmania


Environment and Science Data

Region: Queensland


Queensland OpenAPI

Region: Australia


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