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Insight Without Sight

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Insight Without Sight develops two programs in order to solve two issues for visually impaired people.

First, it helps them visualize graphs. Instead of displaying a picture, Insight Without Sight proposes sounds of lower and higher frequency to describe the curves.

Second, Insight Without Sight proposes voice commands to browse Queensland's OpenAPI. Anyone can access any dataset and obtain its basic insights.

Data Story

The sound visualization describes a graph with sounds. The graph is from a dataset I cannot retrieve the name, but here's a link:
Computers have different frequency ranges. I recommend running the code with headphones to appreciate the sound visualization to its full. The presentation video does not do the code justice.

I've found that dataset after searching "water" with the other tool I have developed: a Queensland OpenAPI voice navigator.
The voice commands allow a user to navigate through Queensland OpenAPI. As a result, it gives access to any dataset available through the API.

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Queensland OpenAPI

Description of Use Insight Without Sight allows blind people to access any dataset from Queensland OpenAPI with their voice.

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impossible to find its name back (but there is still a link)

Description of Use Data visualization for blind people. Instead of drawing a graph, a piece of code return a series of sounds. That table was randomly taken from Queensland OpenAPI through the voice commands developed during the Hackathon.

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