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A responsive dashboard that displays mental health data for the government and other relevant parties so they can see how their efforts are effecting the overall mental health of the citizens.

Data Story

Our project was to construct a way to promote positive mental health via awareness, which New Zealand is currently lacking.

The first task we underwent was delving into online public data to understand how the people of New Zealand are feeling, and which region they live in. Problems were immediately uncovered. Finding specific data is never easy, but we were trying to find data that was both sensitive, and in some cases private; Or worse, non-existent.
The data we did find, was broken, fractured, and led to horrifying revelation.
Our real problem was the lack of data, therefore our solution wasn’t to raise awareness of mental health but to raise awareness of the lack of data surrounding it.
You can’t promote something you can’t understand.

The data that we did find was reprocessed multiple times to filter out information that wasn't needed and converted in to formats that can be used in graphs and general stat tables.

Evidence of Work



Team DataSets

Health - All indicators of adults health by DHB (prevalence) 2011–2017

Description of Use: This data was used to find the percentages of depression that have been diagnosed in each region of New Zealand split out by Genders.

Data Set

Mental Health - Suicide deaths and rates by sex and age group 2007–2016

Description of Use: This data was used to find the total suicides per year for New Zealand grouped by different age categories.

Data Set

WellBeing Statistics 2019

Description of Use: This DataSet was used in the final prototype to provide the Overall Life Satisfaction percentage and The life worth percentage (Based on a 0-6, 6, 7, 8, 9 & 10 rating) for each region in New Zealand (Only Hawkes Bay & Auckland were used).

Data Set


Best Way to Promote Positive Mental Health

Region: New Zealand


Innovate New Zealand

Region: New Zealand


Most Artistic use of data (outside the box)

Region: New Zealand


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