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GARY and 2 other members with unpublished profiles.

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We believe citizens can make more informed choices and decisions when they can augment their ideas and opinions with empirical data. The data is there but locked away in arcane inaccessible databases. Our projects makes visual interfaces for this data and demonstrates how it valuable in 3 separate examples
The first is articulating preventable hospital admissions,
The second is engaging the community for feedback on e-monbility locations
and the third is citizen science weather stations that engage and bring the community together both physically rhough workshops but digitally through the networking of the telemetric modules

Data Story

We have used a variety of datasets
NTG health dataset showing preventable hospital admissions was downloaded into google sheets and the NT data isolated, when then created a separate sheet with the northern Territory's 6 geographic regions with their latitude and longtitude. When used a new microsoft product POWER BI to build an interactive web based data interrogation tool

For the 2 other City of Darwin challenges we used a variety ofkml datasets showing aspects of the city so citizens better understand their environment in which they live. We build a google map which has a toggle menu allowing different layers to be turned on and off.

We believe it is important to have all the data available on one page to make it accessible

Evidence of Work



Team DataSets

output of MySQL database on server for holding weather station data

Description of Use This file is called by sitescript.js file to place module circles on the google map

Data Set

City of Darwin Shared Paths

Description of Use Shared paths where bicycles and pedestrians both use are valuable places to locate e-scooter stations With our community engagement it a consideration the public should be aware of

Data Set

City of Darwin Parking PayStay Zones

Description of Use This is information that can help inform citizen decision making on the appropriate spot for e-scooter hubs

Data Set

City of Darwin Free Public Wi-Fi Locations

Description of Use We think the e-scooter hub locations should be near wifi, so again it it a part of informed decision making that people should know where spots are

Data Set

City of Darwin Parks

Description of Use Parks are a beautiful part of Darwin

Data Set

City of Darwin Electoral Wards

Description of Use We used this kml data-set as an overlay on the map. We are hoping to put details of alderman so citizens can lobby or contact decision makers with their opinions

Data Set

City of Darwin Public Street Lighting

Description of Use We used this kml as an overlay to help people see where there is exisitng public lighting

Data Set

Potentially Preventable Hospitalisations in Australia by Small Geographic Areas

Description of Use We interrogated this database as an example of taking complex data sets and making it easy to navigate and understand

Data Set

2017 Average Park Water Usage

Description of Use kml overlay on google map we consider the more water that is put on parks the greener and cooler the area would be perhaps making it a better location for e-scooter stations

Data Set

Challenge Entries

🌟 Deliver better health outcomes for people living in remote areas

Remote health services are challenging for both providers and patients.

Go to Challenge | 4 teams have entered this challenge.

🌟 Determine logistics for E-mobility transport in Darwin CBD

Identify (and justify) the ideal locations for E-mobility stations in Darwin CBD.

Go to Challenge | 7 teams have entered this challenge.

🌟 Community open data weather monitoring and alerts system

Develop a digital solution, underpinned by IoT (Internet of Things) data, which is capable of early detection and alerting for weather and climate related risks to the community.

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