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We have focused on helping regional communities fill employment opportunities by making open source data available in a user friendly format. This enables underemployed and unemployed people access to the information that they need to make informed decisions regarding their future employment.

Data Story

Our teams project was born from our inexperience and inefficiency with data gathering and preparation. From this experience, we envisioned a more friendly way for government data to be utilised by everyday individuals to make decisions that will benefit society by standardising and centralising data to allow Machine Learning Algorithms to perform data augmentation on a more detailed and human level, and enable augmented analytics.

We cross referenced data from the ATO, ABS and the LMIP datasets to project future growth opportunities for for individual industries, regions and wage growth.

Evidence of Work


Team DataSets

LMIP data

Description of Use This data was used to project job opportunities when cross referenced with data from the ATO and ABS.

Data Set

Employment by industry time series

Description of Use This data was used to show industry employment and linked to regional data to predict job opportunities and growth in key areas.

Data Set

Census -Employment by industry time series

Description of Use This data was used to map industry income by state. As well as to map projected income by industry.

Data Set

Description of Use Using the Income value by location to give better visibility to job seekers regarding their projected income and where they fit within Australia.

Data Set


Description of Use Used to link data sets in the ATO data to geographical location.

Data Set

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Australia’s Future Employment

Choose one of the following questions to address: 1. How can recent and future changes in the labour market help prepare young people for job opportunities? 2. What can we learn from case studies of regional labour markets? For example, what does rapid change in the industries or occupations within a region tell us about the needs of employers/workers in other regional labour markets

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🌟 Improving the customer experience of government services

How can government data be used to improve the experience of citizens interacting with government?

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ATO for individuals

How can ATO and other Australian public data be used to help the community fill employment opportunities?

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