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As the student of UTAS and TAS Newcomer, we are allured by this beautiful city and it is a wonderful thing to explore this extraordinary land. However, this convenient driving condition always comes with car parking inconvenience, many students and tourists often met the problem of finding the parking space.
Our APP is a modern innovation and creative application, it can lead you to find an available parking space instant and AI map will assist you to the correct direction; analyse the parking data for users. TAS Newcomer and Residents are welcome to use this application and addict to the convenience!

Data Story

What it does:
The core idea for this app is to assist drivers to find a parking place as soon as possible. The app is able to check parking spots in the vicinity. In order to achieve our goal, the system is based on geo-location that informs user of the nearest car park available and indicate real-time parking spots available for the customers. It is also a digital platform for drivers to reserve a parking spot and pay in advance. There are some special features in the design of this application which are anticipating of traffic volume, applying penalties on overtime parking.
How we built it
The high-fidelity prototype was built on Android platform using Java while the system would retrieve data from big data providers and cooperate with car park monitor system to retrieve real-time parking spots availability. In addition, built-in artificial intelligence technology can assist the application to learn drivers personal preferences on car park selections.
Challenges we ran into:
It is a fantastic idea for tourists and anyone who drives, but before we promote this convenient application that we are going to face the complicated communication issue with local shops and parking companies, we need to convince these enterprises of the profitable collaboration and we do have the sustainable support from Tasmania Government.
Next challenge is the advertisement for popularity, it would be easy to promote among students and tourists, but how can we really let the residents recognise this application is useful for local people still a long-term process.
Accomplishments that we're proud of:
In the era of the smartphone smart parking can come to the average citizen. There are a host of parking apps that we can choose from to help us – there is PayByPhone, Park Right, RingGo, Parkopedia and many more.
There are obviously those apps that allow you to pay for your parking – and update your parking if you are going to stay longer. Some apps tell you where you will find on-road and off-road parking, and some will even guide you through the streets until you are at the car park.
What we learned:
With each year, one thing is certain, we are seeing more and more revolutionary parking innovations from large companies & independent organisations. We are yet to see ideas such as robot valet parking & green parking hit the mainstream, so, unfortunately, we do have a few years of anticipation remaining. By changing the politics of parking, cities can meter more of their valuable curb space, producing more money, less traffic, cleaner air, and a cooler planet. Parking meters can then do a world of good.
What's next for APP:
The solution could be to reduce car use in our city centres and policies in larger cities have certainly taken this pathway. Yet, in reality, the robot car park could be the possible solution for those who want to make the use of space. Each space currently given to conventional parking could house 16 (4 x 4) cars in the future. Also, with no drivers in the parking space, there is an increase in safety for vehicles and in the security of the storage.
Technology Used:
Smart City
Green Energy



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Car Parks

Description of Use This dataset shows Hobart city's major car park sites.

Data Set

Road Kerb Use

Description of Use This dataset can show the Road Kerb Use. It can tell drivers where can park and how long can they park.

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