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Mae is history knowledgeable chatbot that is tailored to enhance dialog and conversations using text or audio (Smart Devices e.g. Phone or Google Home) and integrates into websites, applications or instant messengers (e.g. Facebook Messenger) to get closer to end users. The goal is to deliver an enhanced and unique rich experience using AI and powered by data based on each user's interactions. Using Chatbot backed by AI (constant optimisation) for dialogs to tell stories and serve user's unqiue preferences style of interactions can effectivley promote cultural heritage is an engagement for online audiences.

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Data Story

Data from South Australian Museum Meteorite Collection, SA Memory (State Library of South Australia) and museum victoria collections articles has been used to show how queries can be done using conversational chatbots. This can be extended to personal assistant integrations (google home supported devices) easily.

Evidence of Work



Team DataSets

Museums Victoria Collections API

Description of Use: Stories related to collections articles about the war can be more conversational

Data Set

SA Memory (State Library of South Australia)

Description of Use: Use in creating conversational dialog answers by bot

Data Set

South Australian Museum Meteorite Collection

Description of Use: Use in formulating conversational dialog

Data Set


Physical Culture

Region: South Australia


🌟 Improving the customer experience of government services

Region: New South Wales


Digital Culture

Region: South Australia


🌟 Telling Stories with Open Data

Region: Victoria


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