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Voice has always been the quickest and easiest way for humans to communicate information. Finally our technology is catching up and voice is quickly becoming the primary way that we interact with the digital world.

Introducing Darwin's own Voice Assistant. A way for both Darwinites and visitors to engage more naturally with everything that Darwin has to offer.
- Discover fun thing to do
- Hear about nearby events
- Find local information
- Get real-time feedback
- Learn about our visitors
- Harness the existing ecosystem of Mycroft Voice Skills

This assistant can be integrated into existing infrastructure, deployed as stand alone devices, or installed by residents on their own smart speakers in shops or at home. We can even train a custom wake word such as "Hey Darwin" to maximise engagement with the Darwin brand.

Voice interaction provides more natural engagement for all. It's accessible, and helps to break down the digital divide. A custom voice assistant for Darwin, brings a new dimension to the the Top End brand, whilst strengthening what we are already known for - friendly, welcoming, and creative people.

Data Story

The Darwin Voice Assistant integrates a range of datasets from the City of Darwin Open Data Portal. This currently includes the playground locations, the East Point science trail points, and food truck data. To enable easy addition of new datasets in a range of formats, the skill currently includes JSON and CSV import scripts.

Finally, we are also able to scrape data from relevant websites where a standard data format is not available. The Deckchair Cinema is a great example of this.

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Team DataSets

City of Darwin - Science Trail

Description of Use Users can ask about information from the East Point Science Trail

Data Set

City of Darwin - Parks

Description of Use Users can find fun things to do near them

Data Set

City of Darwin - Street Food

Description of Use Users can ask about the location and opening times of street food in Darwin.

Data Set

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