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The app focuses on improving mental health of the society and thus sparking a more fulfilling and meaningful life.
In our daily life, every person goes through some stress or the other, and sometimes find themselves stranded in a situation where nobody really understands what they have to say.
Depression is often a vicious cycle, where people tend to hide their depression from the world and keep things to themselves, which leads to deteriorated conditions.
This app helps us all in speaking our mind out. It helps us have a companion to talk to and safe space very close to our heart. Because it is not about being advised, but more about being listened to.

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Indicator: Excellent, very good or good self-rated health Adults

Description of Use Self-rated health is a widely used indicator of a population’s health status. Interviewers asked adults taking part in the survey whether they considered their health to be ‘excellent, very good, good, fair or poor’. The term ‘good health’ means good, very good or excellent health.

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