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To provide health translation services for remote NT communities using telehealth and remote monitoring technologies to ensure medication adherence and rehab is adhered to by patients.

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CDU Yolngu Dictionary

Description of Use Fetching vocabulary from the CDU Yolngu Dictionary database

Data Set

Small Geographic Areas

Description of Use drilled down by state (NT), reporting year (2015-16 and 2016-17) and only chronic conditions rather than acute or vaccine-preventable. Potentially preventable hospitalisations by Primary Health Network (PHN) area.

Data Set

Potentially preventable hospitalisations in Australia by small geographic areas

Description of Use determining common chronic diseases in NT: "Potentially preventable hospitalisations by Primary Health Network (PHN) area"

Data Set

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🌟 Deliver better health outcomes for people living in remote areas

Remote health services are challenging for both providers and patients.

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