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Considering the growing population in Western Australia, the education system needs more facilities to accommodate the growing number of students.
The "Education WA 2050" project shows the growth of student over the year per Suburb. It also suggest whether the suburb needs any new school in the target year.

Data Story

The Project "Education WA 2050" needs population data ( including student by age ) by suburb with population growing rates for last 10 years to get the trend of the growth.
It also need current schooling data per suburb with post code.

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Team DataSets

Regional Population Growth, Australia, 2017-18

Description of Use: We extract population growth by suburb which we then use to extrapolate a population projection

Data Set

Should you worry about a schools shortage?

Description of Use: We tackle the question posed by this article. How many new schools will be needed in the near future?

Data Set

Western Australian Schools Lists

Description of Use: Western Australian Schools Lists

Data Set


Thrive or survive: how can we adapt for the future?

Region: Australia


Efficient Visualisation

Region: Western Australia


🌟 The Class of 2025

Region: Western Australia


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