Visualising Land Use

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Project Description

Analysing the information from the dataset provided by Agriculture Victoria, we strive to make the data accessible and user friendly.

Data Story

We used the soil API primarily. We also researched soil conditions for crop types.

Evidence of Work


Team DataSets

pH Colour Chart

Description of Use: This image is open license with modifications. we are using this as an edited version specifically for the colours.

Data Set

Soil pH

Description of Use: Working with the yield numbers for Victoria's best crops.

Data Set

NSW DPI leaflet no.2 Understanding Soil pH

Description of Use: Understanding Soil pH - we use it for different crops to recommend a crop based on soil type

Data Set

Agriculture Victoria Website

Description of Use: We will be using a significant amount of information from this website to make our concept easier to use.

Data Set

Grains and other crops

Description of Use: Analysing the highest cropped data and relevance of the data.

Data Set

Agriculture Victoria Soils API

Description of Use: Using the estimates of the data available to present and analyse.

Data Set


🌟 Visualising the soil quality of Victoria

Region: Victoria


Leveraging innovation precincts to drive economic prosperity.

Region: Australia


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