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Our project brings to light some interesting information from an old newspaper article that details an example of evidence of Aboriginal farming practices.

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"The Digging Stick" directly uses data found in a newspaper article sourced from Trove and The Australian Dictionary of Biography, sharing this information in a video to highlight the importance of Aboriginal farming practices pre-colonisation.

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Inchoate Aboriginal Agriculture by W S Campbell, Sydney Morning Herald 15th March 1913

Description of Use We used the information in this article directly to share some more knowledge about Aboriginal practices pre-colonisation.

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🌟 Unearth references to Indigenous agricultural practises by searching archival records

There is increasing interest in foods that were grown on this continent for millennia, awareness of Aboriginal farming practices, and the history they reveal about Australia pre-colonisation. This challenge is to search Trove for descriptions of land care, cropping, harvesting and food storage, to add to the bank of knowledge of Aboriginal farming.

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