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Team 460 presents CoolMove, a cooler and more seamless experience for transport users in NSW and elsewhere in Australia. In addition to the usual trip planning on public transport networks, CoolMove also shows users the coolest walking routes for users to access public transport without breaking into a sweat in the summer heat.

Data Story

CoolMove is a cooler public transport experience from Team 460. Users of CoolMove can now enjoy a more seamless experience getting to and from public transport without breaking into a sweat in the summer heat, thanks to the leveraging of open government datasets on urban heat and green cover.

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Team DataSets

NSW Roads Traffic Volume Counts API

Description of Use We used this API to get estimates of traffic volume at various locations in NSW in order to help tackle congestion in NSW.

Data Set

South East Queensland—general transit feed specification

Description of Use This is used in our answer to the Queensland Open API challenge. We used this to plan trips within the South East Queensland public transport network, in order to provide a better experience to users (both within Queensland and interstate) of Queensland public transport.

Data Set

Greater Sydney Region Urban Vegetation Cover to Modified Mesh Block 2016

Description of Use We used the urban vegetation cover dataset to determine which walking routes to and from public transport are the coolest for the user.

Data Set

Challenge Entries

Public Transport for the Future

How might we combine data with modern technologies - such as AI/ML, IoT, Analytics or Natural Language interfaces - to better our public transport services. Outcomes could take the form of new commuter experiences, reduced environmental impact, or helping plan for the future.

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Reducing CBD Traffic Congestion

How to reduce traffic congestion or parking problems in CBD?

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Queensland OpenAPI

Create a project using one or more of Queensland's Open-API’s

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What are the key levers that can be affected to ease congestion in NSW?

Using open data and other data sources, what can you infer that can be changed by Transport for NSW to help ease congestion? This can be congestion from people, cars, train passengers, on a platform or queuing for a bus or just generally on a road. What has happened in the past? What information can we provide customers, bus drivers or employers to assist in easing congestion? Note: this is not just road congestion. It can be viewed holistically or at a microlevel – for say an intersection.

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🌟 What's the coolest way to travel across the city?

Using datasets which map urban heat and green cover across Greater Sydney, we challenge you to develop a tool which visualises green routes through the city. Help people avoid urban heat and move across the city in comfort by mapping out green streets and pathways which connect shopping centres, public transport stops and public spaces.

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