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Harshitha Rajashekara and 2 other members with unpublished profiles.

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Our motto is “Helping Australian’s to find appropriate and fulfilling work based on FACTS”
All Australian’s deserve fulfilling and well paid vocations.
It is also in our national interest for people to fill vacant jobs that are available and prepare for future demand. Excitingly, this might include people starting businesses.
A well paid workforce contributes to financially to the country in the form of increased taxes and to their community in terms of supporting not-for-profit community activities.

Data Story

In the first stages of our analysis we identified a number of persona who may need additional informational support from the government in this area:
* People reentering the workforce after a career break, for example parents
* Career change - people unhappy with their present work
* Students who are unsure of their current choices
* Older people who still need to work but may not be able to do so in their chosen profession
* People who are unemployed but keen to work
We made a number of other key decisions after considering our target market:
* we would optimise for a mobile web experience, particularly phones
* we would assume that discovery of our service was key, and would optimise for entry from search (eg google), Direct marketing (eg email) and social media posts and have dedicated “landing pages” for each persona
* we would ask as few questions as possible before offering a small number of initial suggestions
* we would offer two types of suggestions : starting a small business and career options
* we would need an API to make recommendations based on the type of persona and the questions asked that uses government data from the ATO, State Governments and Department of Employment, Skills, Small and Family Business.

After some early data discovery using and and doing early conceptual design we discovered that some existing sites that supplied some similar services to our idea, such as (Department of Employment, Skills, Small and Family Business) and (ditto).

At this point we pivoted to enhancing existing services to eliminate duplicated effort. In particular we decided we would suggest an additional feature “section” for - /WorkPaths - that would be optimised to provide a quick and simple gateway to the services of this site via tailored recommendations that allowed “explore more” from the main site as well as (starting a small business).

The API we have prototyped would utilize the following data sources is fully realised:
* - Sheet 7E to locate jobs to areas
* to locate unfilled demand
* to locate training in locations (NB need to be “scraped” at present) (we examined but found its output less useful)

In summary proposed user journey is:
Search term, link in email or social media post leads directly to “persona page” on
Ask a few simple questions - would you live somewhere else for work ? Where do you prefer to live ? Educational Level ?
Call API to get recommendations
Present recommendations, and links to both detailed profession pages on , and explore more links to and

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Team DataSets

Course Search

Description of Use "scraped" to find courses in locations

Data Set

New Business Assistance with NEIS data

Description of Use A good option for job seekers may be to start a business - let's help explore that option

Data Set

New Business Assistance with NEIS data

Description of Use Small business may actually be the best path for a career - what options are available ?

Data Set

Labor market information portal

Description of Use recommending the best jobs based on person, locations etc

Data Set

ATO Taxation Statistics

Description of Use median renumeration by profession location distribution of professions particularly tab 7E

Data Set

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