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Transport data has always been regarded as not-so-pretty and user-unfriendly, especially to younger audiences, with confusing bus routes and complicated descriptions of directions. This in combination with the lack of an efficient, live updated platform which displays school bus routes for school children with educational values is our main driving factors for the development of Linked's business idea.

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Using GPS tracking, public and school buses data on Auckland Transport's open API, we are looking to develop an aesthetically appealing, user- and child-friendly visualisation of nearby bus routes starting from the user's choice of either the location they are currently at or any location of interest, in which case the nearest bus stop would be automatically selected as starting point. From this chosen starting location, the user then has the option to purely 'connect' the selected bus stop to nearby bus stops on the network, as well as the option to include congestion analysis of the routes connecting these adjacent bus stops through colour-coding. Through these implementations, we would like to deliver educational values to traffic data, which is most of the time seen as data serving little to no educational purposes. Not only would our project benefit school children education-wise, but it would also give parents/guardians of our city’s younger generations a realistic suggestion of which school bus route to send their children on in order to maximise time efficiency. Our project also serves to give people in parental roles peace of mind knowing their children are not stuck in bad traffic which leads way to the potential of unsafe/dangerous situations arising.

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