Entries to Australia’s Future Employment

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Checkpoint Project Team Location
Checkpoint 4 Audio, meet Building MALINGAring Fremantle
Checkpoint 2 Wenergy WA Wenergy Bunbury
Checkpoint 3 BizViz Bright Minds Albany
Checkpoint 2 Power Play H.A.C.M Mount Gambier
Checkpoint 1 NetAid NetAid Adelaide
Checkpoint 2 NICI Expósito - An Exposé Team Adelaide
Checkpoint 2 Jabiru the final frontier Mars attracts Darwin
Checkpoint 1 StartLink Buzi Top Dogs Launceston
Checkpoint 1 sqly-me Porretas Adelaide
Checkpoint 2 Xplore SuperFriendz Canberra
Checkpoint 3 Countree Team ExperienceSA Adelaide
Checkpoint 1 career.cool career.cool Sydney
Checkpoint 3 Explore Launnie UTAS MITS Launceston
Checkpoint 4 Project 540 Team 540 Sydney
Checkpoint 2 Move To Team Move To Noosa Peregian Beach
Checkpoint 1 NEXTSTOP Big 4 Canberra
Checkpoint 1 Jinder - Tinder for Jobs Jinder Sydney
Checkpoint 4 Social Inclusion Platform Social Hero Sydney
Checkpoint 1 Emboiable ANU Hacky Bois Canberra
Checkpoint 1 Jobs & Growth LMJD Pty Ltd Sunshine Coast
Checkpoint 4 Tapestry 451 Canberra
Checkpoint 1 JobsAndGrowth GrowthAndJobs Canberra
Checkpoint 1 Jobit HackVision Melbourne
Checkpoint 4 SwacchCity (Clean City) AccoutureRockers Melbourne
Checkpoint 1 Solving employment issues with data Weekend Hackers Sydney
Checkpoint 1 indigi : The Indigenous Language Learning App TheKelliFanClub Sunshine Coast
Checkpoint 4 NextGen Transport - Smart Commute AccoutureRockers Melbourne
Checkpoint 1 EduVision CoffeeConsumers Rockhampton
Checkpoint 4 Guided Team 57k Mount Gambier
Checkpoint 2 Gold Coast, Southport Tram Expansion Off the Rails Sunshine Coast
Checkpoint 2 Project 835 Team 835 Brisbane
Checkpoint 1 Future Jobs Finder B&C Canberra
Checkpoint 1 WorkPaths Australia WorkPaths Sydney
Checkpoint 3 Incub8 Australia Team SwitchCase Sydney
Checkpoint 1 Help with HELP McBride Mob Albany
Checkpoint 1 JOBY - Prosper the Labour Market Opportunity Monitor Fremantle
Checkpoint 1 What Will We Look Like? Coder's Unite Ballarat
Checkpoint 1 Fill the Gap Game Changers Melbourne
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