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Audio, meet Building

**Audio, Meet Building** is the tourism app that tags Australia’s heritage sites with contemporary storytelling. Walking tours add context to place. They bring it to life. Our idea is to provide a rich tourism experience that lets locals add their own personal histories to buildings they have ...

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Wenergy WA

Locate Future Water Storage and Link Watercourses and Energy Distribution Infrastructure. Plan resource allocation and identify regional projects to support growth. Connect special interest groups/clubs with government funding programs to assist regional growth. Wenergy Shows us Where and When...

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Starting a small business is scary, but with the help of the BizViz app you can get a clear vision on your business’s potential. Simply enter the industry or field you’re looking to start a business in, your business preferred location, and some additional information and then the app will compar...

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Power Play

PowerPlay is an app that serves the purpose of Educating people on energy, finding energy problems, people seeking advice and solutions to problems reported on the website, you can also keep track of how much your energy usage it is currently and also how much you are using.

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NetAid is a data-driven social impact platform that provides our stakeholders access to government data in the form of a user-friendly dashboard. The dashboard contains various data visualizations that can be filtered and manipulated by the user to fit their analytics needs. With the NetAid platf...

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National Investment and Commerce Initiative or NICI is a modern gateway to connect investors, migrants and tourists to opportunities and services provided by the federal, state, and local government agencies. NICI's AWS based intelligent platform employs mature services such as machine learning, ...

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Jabiru the final frontier

A case for a new space tourism industry to be based in Jabiru.

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Workplaces and businesses are trending towards online activities, and as a result workplaces and cities will become more geographically distributed across the country and across the globe. This brings with it a great opportunity for smaller local economies to take advantage of the portability of...

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Read the README description at the repository to better understand how it works. However, a simple description is: When there is a need of using more than one dataset, there is a need to cross them at some point. This project is a Python Module capable of doing such merge automatically. It is ...

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This tool - connects people to their community and environment according on their lifestyle needs and values. - ensures a diverse society is accommodated for in the ACT by linking people to their community hubs. - progresses the society by innovating with new t...

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The Countree app: - Gives the government an opportunity to showcase their regional areas in an interactive and intuitive way. - Helps the government prioritize their regional investment by using the predictive model and collecting user feedback. - Exposes citizens to employment opportunities i...

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Video url https://youtu.be/FcTohLhfdrA Homepage url https://sioned196.wixsite.com/hack github https://github.com/nestoregon/GovHack2019 GovHack 2019 - Make Career Cool Again Challenge statement 1 How can ATO and other Australian public data be used to help the community fill ...

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Explore Launnie

As we expect a rapid growth of population in the greater Launceston community, we want to develop a website containing useful data. The data indicates locations of different places where family can visit, public facilities, and bike routes. And the information provided on the website can bring co...

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Move To

The Move-To app enables users to explore a personalised view of regional locations scored against their requirements and lifestyle choices. This enables a more informed relocation decisions to be made by users driving better economic outcomes for individuals and regions.

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NEXTSTOP, an interactive dashboard supported by machine learning to help ACT government decision-making process for public transport development.

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Jinder - Tinder for Jobs

Our research demonstrated that small businesses are unable to reach and communicate to job seekers in an effective matter. Inspired by the “Nudge unit” and rising research in behavioural insights, we have developed a simple job description generation tool that connects to existing systems. Small ...

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Social Inclusion Platform

Our hack provides the social entrepreneur the tools to take their idea to concept, helping them with contextual data to understand demand, validate their ideas against market conditions, help connect them with the support and infrastructure they require and providing the quantitative and qualitat...

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Our project aims to help young adults better understand and visualise their career oportunities by providing tools to explore how geographic regions interact with jobs. Users have two main ways of interacting with our site. Users can choose an industry they are interested in (such as "medicine...

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Jobs & Growth

The aim of this project is to create a web platform that will allow users to quickly and easily compare the available job vacancies and the average income for various jobs in regions throughout Australia. This includes features to show current trends in employment for different sectors as well as...

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Tapestry ====== # Draw the future! In order to visualise the future, first we must be able to understand the relationships between our data sets. Tapestry enables us to visualise exactly how changes in data will affect the entire tapestry of information, available to city planners of the f...

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# Question How can we use open datasets to help job-seekers and entrepreneurs take advantage of their skills and emerging market opportunities? # Solution Our solution uses machine learning and AI to predict changes in the job market, at a national and regional level. JobsAndGrowth allows...

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HackVision's Project is seeking to address how recent and future changes in the labour market can assist in preparing young people for job opportunities through predictive modelling. We have extended the concept to overlay training and ATO income data by the QLD region with an Aged Care indus...

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SwacchCity (Clean City)

SwacchCity (Clean city) is a digital ecosystem initiative based on data analytics, AI, ML and Image processing to understand different usages of waste and recycle it in a better automated way for making the city clean.

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Solving employment issues with data

We have focused on helping regional communities fill employment opportunities by making open source data available in a user friendly format. This enables underemployed and unemployed people access to the information that they need to make informed decisions regarding their future employment.

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indigi : The Indigenous Language Learning App

Our project aims to create platform that raises awareness and helps to promote and preserve the Aboriginal language. Through gamification we will create an indigenous language learning application known as “Indigi”, that allows for easy learning and understanding of various indigenous dialects. ...

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NextGen Transport - Smart Commute

Smartcommute is a better means of nextGen transport which involves on-demand services as well as eco-friendly transport service for the future.

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EduVision is an open dataset that allows government, industry and students to explore potential future gaps in industry based on the growth predictions and current student subject enrolments. By aligning these subjects to industries that students are likely to progress into we can identify shorta...

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Our project is an app that help tourists and locals alike by providing information on many of the necessary information about your location or a specific location that is searched by the user, this information ranges from providing the user with location of toilets and ATM's through to giving the...

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Gold Coast, Southport Tram Expansion

Proposal for additional light rail routes to be added to the Gold Coast, South Port CBD District.

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Project 835

The objective of the “The ATO Occupation Search” project is to optimise occupational decisions of individuals through providing interactive capability to drill/filter down from broad career categories of interest down into more specific careers; and creatively illustrate valuable data around inco...

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Future Jobs Finder

![Future Jobs Finder Logo](https://i.imgur.com/H1qwXYH.png "Future Jobs Finder Logo") # The Problem For young people, choosing a career path can be a daunting experience. There are a wide range of industries and occupations that are all constantly adapting. In ten years time - new occupations w...

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WorkPaths Australia

Our motto is “Helping Australian’s to find appropriate and fulfilling work based on FACTS” All Australian’s deserve fulfilling and well paid vocations. It is also in our national interest for people to fill vacant jobs that are available and prepare for future demand. Excitingly, this might in...

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Incub8 Australia

Australia is ranked 18 among 190 economies in the ease of doing business. With time Australia is becoming more attractive place to launch and run a start-up, having jumped to the fifth-most start-up-friendly country in the world according to the StartupBlink Startup Ecosystem Rankings 2019 repo...

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Help with HELP

Use Education Department, ATO, and ABS datasets to enable user to visualise the demand for various occupations within industry sectors and see the level of Higher Education Loan Program (HELP) debt accumulated by people working in those occupations.

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JOBY - Prosper the Labour Market

## What is "JOBY"? [*The project video can be watched here.*]() **JOBY** is not just an interactive data visualisation tool. **JOBY** is not just an APP. **JOBY** is not just an integration of multi-source data and multiple advanced methods. **JOBY** is a **knowledge and data-driven ...

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What Will We Look Like?

We attempted to use 1990 to 2020 data, and from this forecast to 2050, to give us an idea of what Australia would be like then.

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Fill the Gap

The project aims to find the employment trends in Regional Victoria to help government to fill the employment and skills gap.

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