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Well Beeing

#Password for the Homepage URL is 'pass'# As we aim to take a proactive approach at preserving one of our most valuable resources, our environment, we turn to another valuable resource for solutions. Data. Our response to the current climate is to create an app we call Well Bee-ing, Powered...

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Wenergy WA

Locate Future Water Storage and Link Watercourses and Energy Distribution Infrastructure. Plan resource allocation and identify regional projects to support growth. Connect special interest groups/clubs with government funding programs to assist regional growth. Wenergy Shows us Where and When...

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InstaPlace: Going Online for the Best of Offline.

InstaPlace is focussed on developing a sense of place for our young people, which is the fundamental way in which they can understand who they are. The region in which someone grows up, the places they visit and the relationships they form are crucial in this process. InstaPlace seeks to suppo...

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PAPPER: Predictive Adaptive Parking Price Estimator

*WHY* As our cities grow, the need for getting from point A to B also grows. City centers as the hub of economic activity feel the pressure from increasing traffic every day. *WHAT* This project addresses the issue of traffic congestion and planning for the future. The first step in address...

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As urban populations continue to grow, state governments continue motivating the public to use public transport. However, how well are the public transport systems on offer performing? A little bird has told us maybe not so well. LittleBird uses OpenData to profile public transport routes, provid...

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CAS29 - Cyclist Augmentation System 2029 [Project 477]

# CAS29: Cycling Augmentation System ***Wherever you ride, whenever you ride, CAS29 has your back.*** ![CAS29 text conversation](https://i.ibb.co/Yk4K1CF/image4.png) It's 2029. You've overslept your alarm It's 8.59am. You're late for work. Speeding through your morning routine you get to...

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Team 460 presents CoolMove, a cooler and more seamless experience for transport users in NSW and elsewhere in Australia. In addition to the usual trip planning on public transport networks, CoolMove also shows users the coolest walking routes for users to access public transport without breaking ...

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## Project Sydney is an amazing city, extremely diverse, business focused and driven. But as with most big cities, congestion of traffic (public and drivers) is a large problem and often a complaint of many locals. Enter Redirect. Redirect aims to be a platform to model, simulate and plan bet...

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NEXTSTOP, an interactive dashboard supported by machine learning to help ACT government decision-making process for public transport development.

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Deploying driver-less cars for city to reduce traffic congestion and parking difficulties, while making eco-friendly transport affordable and accessible to public

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Take a Break, Mate

Come for a ride on the highway of data that will see you become a better motorist (and tourist!)

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Scoot over

Scoot over is an app that can be used by both locals and visitors to get around the Darwin CBD and surroundings. It has a list of points of interest and will design a route based on imported weather conditions from the IoT sensors. There are safety reminders about using the scooter and avoids the...

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LYFE - Lower Your Fuel Emissions

An initiative created by two passionate Software Engineering students from the University of Canberra. Rethink how you commute and help reduce your environmental impact. Calculate your commute's carbon footprint and learn about the possible alternatives.

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GridReaper is a congestion forecaster for commuters. It provides commuters an accurate forecast of congestion in various transportation methods in the following days, weeks, and months.

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For GovHack 2019 we’ve taken on the challenge of improving public transport experiences into the future with open data. We've created a real-time location-based chat platform for public transport users, *T-Chat*. ##Problem If you travel on public transport you’ll be aware everyone travels ...

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### ⚠️ THE PROBLEMS We identified three main pain points affecting the quality of our journey on trains: - Quick and concise ETA at your destination: right now it's something that you check before the trip begins, but once you're in transit it's hard to go back and find the bus or train tha...

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## Problem The water supply has been unstable across the years in Australia. Given the heavy reliance on rainfall, focus on water conservation has been put on streamflow control. However, things can be done more household basis. While water consumption remains consistently high, the visualiz...

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Accessible Toilet Finder

**Our Project** When you have to go, you have to go! But where to go? When travelling on public transport, this can be a challenge for people with less mobility needing to use an accessible toilet – that’s where we come in. The project makes data useful for people who need to find accessibl...

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Find my Spot

Find my Spot. An app or an extension to Trip Planner NSW
to help reduce commuter traffic to central business districts. Aim to ease city congestion and to improve peoples experience of public transport by suggesting a mix mode transport navigation solution. https://youtu.be/oKRaOnH_u-I

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Quality Air

1 in 9 Australians suffer from chronic respiratory diseases, a group of conditions that have a wide range of triggers, including dust, pollutants, temperature, humidity and pressure. We wanted to design a tool for the community, but specifically targeting those with respiratory illnesses, that co...

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Project Bowtie

Our vision is to promote awareness to leaders that the current level of innovation is constrained by out dated philosophies. Our team has portrayed an example where we can either choose to follow he same path or we can take on the learning of other countries and iterate on there ideas for a more ...

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This app would show all trams and train locations near you. It would also show where a historical location like a museum and then show the quickest route to it. You can also track your tram or train as it is on the go with our state of the art GPS tracking technology.

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GreenWay - Making Public Transport More Comfortable

GreenWay is a live functional web app that navigates shows you between any two points in the Greater Sydney Area with routes that prioritise greenery and avoid the urban heat of the built up in environment. It also shows you heat maps for the area showing the levels of vegetation cover and temper...

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Blue Lake Mountain Bike Trails

Here's an app that was designed so you as the user can locate and find all the trails that are located around the district and also links to the local Mountain Bike Community’s pages.There is currently no other information provided by Mount Gambier Tourism Towards Mountain Bike Trails in and arou...

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Are you really going to drive tomorrow?

"Are you really going to drive tomorrow?" combines a geospatial analysis of commute options with a statistical model to support an AI recommender for social nudge and incentive based behavioural change. The return on investment has been maximised by targeting the highest value times for road u...

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[![Gitter](https://badges.gitter.im/BusOD/community.svg)](https://gitter.im/BusOD/community?utm_source=badge&utm_medium=badge&utm_campaign=pr-badge) # BusON: bus on need ## Prerequisite ## Problem Statement ### Pollution Driving alone in a personal vehicle wastes resources and is h...

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iWing-Project 681

The Darwin government has provided a wealth of accessible traffic infrastructure data that will help Identify (and justify) the ideal locations for e-mobility stations in Darwin CBD. In this challenge, our team will present a method to identify the location of sub-traffic stations. Due to limited...

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CoolWalk Sydney

Our project is an interactive app that will help you navigate the city of Sydney. It uses heat vulnerability, vegetation coverage and location data to plan a route throughout the city based on your preferences. These preferences would include whether you want the fastest or coolest route, desired...

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# Problem Our CBD is the heart of a growing region, an asset for our people, and an enabler for people to achieve their goals and succeed. With strong projected growth in residents, jobs, and visitors, the central city offers great opportunities for the region’s future prosperity. But with any ...

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Public Transport 2029

Although Canberra has launched its new public transport system not long ago, there seem to exist a gap between the new system’s real performance and passengers’ expectations. The ACT government has been swamped with passengers’ complaints including driver shortage, unpunctuality, late announcemen...

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Smart Parking Management System using Deep Learning

Have you ever found yourself driving around looking for a parking spot? And by the time you find one, it’s far away from where you need to be, and you’re already running late? This is a problem many of us face every day, and it costs individuals, businesses and the economy millions of do...

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Let's GO!

The Let's go app is a transportation app for buses (for now) that uses real-time data to allow users to track their buses in real-time. This solution is aimed for smaller regions in New Zealand such as Hawkes Bay, Bay of Plenty, manawatu and other regions. This solution is not only for students, ...

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Team Members Floyd Watson (Team Captain) Simon Dolley Shannon Roberts Kassian Houben Keez Eden Jesse Gray Travis Falkenberg Award Categories Entered Public Transport for the Future Reducing CBD Traffic Congestion Combating the Climate Emergency Problem Traffic conges...

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Yours Outdoors

We have developed ***Yours Outdoors***, an App designed to find the best park and outdoor facilities for you and your friends.

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CarPark is an app developed using open data sets supplied by the City of Melbourne to solved the CBD congestion problem by navigating drivers to unoccupied parks to reduce the number of cars on the road while also reducing emissions.

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Gold Coast, Southport Tram Expansion

Proposal for additional light rail routes to be added to the Gold Coast, South Port CBD District.

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Andele is a prototyping idea for a public transport mobile phone application. We believe that, by creating a new and more informative user experience when it comes to public transport, we can encourage more commuters to make use of public transport, thereby reducing traffic congestion and greenho...

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OptiTech Navigation Systems-Beta

OpTiTech Navigation Systems is an mobile app that utilises the ACT road safety camera program. The app is designed to show you the traffic speed camera locations, as well as projections of traffic congestion. Interestingly, the app also gives live feed expiation notice system (ENS) data within a...

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Working on CBD Traffic

Provides a dashboard to find out ways you can reduce traffic in your city using a range of opendata apis.

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NextGen Transport - Smart Commute

Smartcommute is a better means of nextGen transport which involves on-demand services as well as eco-friendly transport service for the future.

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Small business solutions

Business Complete | Analytics Lab uses Australian government data to provide insights for users to make impactful decisions before starting a business. It also helps existing business owners to assess and evaluate their business location and to align their strategy with the trends of their surrou...

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Project - Future of Public transportation

The project aims to improve the entire transportation system by using the Internet of things, face recognition and artificial intelligence. The first part focuses on using such technology to communicate between traffic lights and buses in such a way that they only encounter green lights. The syst...

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Transport Hacks

In this project we are undertaking two challenges. The first challenge is the traffic congestion problem in the CBD area. As per our research in the US alone congestion cost 305 billion dollars which is an increase of 10 billion from the previous year. One of the main reasons for traffic cong...

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