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Checkpoint Project Team Location
Checkpoint 1 Aquavo Aquavo Adelaide
Checkpoint 1 Climate Change, Water Security and Education inclusivIT Sydney
Checkpoint 1 H2GO ElectronicallyE Adelaide
Checkpoint 1 Solving QLD's Droughts Droughts 'R' Us Brisbane
Checkpoint 3 Water Aid Keep The Kool Time (KTKT) Adelaide
Checkpoint 3 Waterwise Cicada Adelaide
Checkpoint 3 Accessible Toilet Finder inclusivIT Sydney
Checkpoint 2 Next H20 SoloViz Gold Coast
Checkpoint 2 Watergy Octagon.io Sydney
Checkpoint 1 ILI - Innovative Land Index CeRDI-fied Ballarat
Checkpoint 1 AqWatch USC Innovative Engineers Sunshine Coast
Checkpoint 1 H2O Hub RoboRoyals Sunshine Coast
Checkpoint 1 Water Hacklings Hacklings Sydney
Checkpoint 4 Project 10 LAN19 Darwin
Checkpoint 2 Sustainability ­čî▒Smart Green Growth­čî▒ Brisbane
Checkpoint 1 Rainfall Splashing in Puddles Ballarat Hackers Ballarat
Checkpoint 1 War on Water Waste GoWithTheFlow Brisbane
Checkpoint 3 Tidal Change There4 Sunshine Coast
Checkpoint 3 Yours Outdoors Steve's Group Sunshine Coast
Checkpoint 2 Guided Team 57k Mount Gambier
Checkpoint 1 Project Splash! Green. Canberra
Checkpoint 2 My Environment The Step Dads Sunshine Coast
Checkpoint 2 NextCrops ARIVS Melbourne
Checkpoint 1 DroughtSolutions IoTusers Rockhampton
Checkpoint 1 tell me a story Deep Fried Brains Melbourne
Checkpoint 1 Project 517 Engineering Hacks Sunshine Coast
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