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Audio, meet Building

**Audio, Meet Building** is the tourism app that tags Australia’s heritage sites with contemporary storytelling. Walking tours add context to place. They bring it to life. Our idea is to provide a rich tourism experience that lets locals add their own personal histories to buildings they have ...

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Wenergy WA

Locate Future Water Storage and Link Watercourses and Energy Distribution Infrastructure. Plan resource allocation and identify regional projects to support growth. Connect special interest groups/clubs with government funding programs to assist regional growth. Wenergy Shows us Where and When...

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Starting a small business is scary, but with the help of the BizViz app you can get a clear vision on your business’s potential. Simply enter the industry or field you’re looking to start a business in, your business preferred location, and some additional information and then the app will compar...

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National Investment and Commerce Initiative or NICI is a modern gateway to connect investors, migrants and tourists to opportunities and services provided by the federal, state, and local government agencies. NICI's AWS based intelligent platform employs mature services such as machine learning, ...

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STEM Trade

STEM Trade connects students, innovation hubs and training organisations to ensure the development of 21st century skills for our changing workforce. STEM Trade’s website interface allows training organisations to connect with innovation hubs to develop meaningful traineeships and apprenticeships...

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How do the suburbs of Sydney interact and evolve? We explore the city through the lens of data, generating new suburbs and evolving existing ones to compare and contrast with the existing social and cultural landscapes of the city.

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Understanding Innovation Precincts with BizValidator

BizValidator makes it easy for businesses to find the information they need through a government portal. The portal generates a rich dataset of user behaviour that can be used to evaluate the performance of government grant programs and innovation precincts.

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Ozmesh is an instant, interactive mesh block statistical data visualization tool that uses NSW heat and vegetation data, ABS data and Journey To Work data to help users navigate Sydney.

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Jobs & Growth

The aim of this project is to create a web platform that will allow users to quickly and easily compare the available job vacancies and the average income for various jobs in regions throughout Australia. This includes features to show current trends in employment for different sectors as well as...

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# Question How can we use open datasets to help job-seekers and entrepreneurs take advantage of their skills and emerging market opportunities? # Solution Our solution uses machine learning and AI to predict changes in the job market, at a national and regional level. JobsAndGrowth allows...

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Move To

The Move-To app enables users to explore a personalised view of regional locations scored against their requirements and lifestyle choices. This enables a more informed relocation decisions to be made by users driving better economic outcomes for individuals and regions.

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My Place

Our vision for the weekend was to use emerging technology to create an application used in partnership with communities to promote and encourage active participation in the preservation and reconstruction of some of our most valuable and at-risk languages. We’ve used Augmented Reality, Virtua...

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Energy Distribution for Resillience and Prosperity

Our projects explores the economic opportunities and necessities that will drive us towards a future that ensures our survival, and allows us to thrive. Using the data available, we identified locations that will have the best opportunities to participate in future economies built on renewable e...

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History Box

Exploding history from the dusty digital archives. There's a lot of history available through various national and state repositories that are extremely entertaining. We observed team members' reactions to watching them thought almost everyone we knew here in Launceston would enjoy looking at...

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No Fire Now

NFN is a IoT bush fire early warning system web management console

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Innovation Impact

The impact of Innovation Centres - Better training, experience and the impact on Startup opportunities

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Visualising Land Use

Analysing the information from the dataset provided by Agriculture Victoria, we strive to make the data accessible and user friendly.

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tell me a story

Suburb gentrification - a tale of two suburbs

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SpaceLab Enterprises

Space Lab enterprises is an open online community driven website which educators and leading academics crowd share and surf topics to knuckle out everyday scientific and other researches . The website creates collaboration between researchers. Hence, noting that the site benifits the end-user an...

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JOBY - Prosper the Labour Market

## What is "JOBY"? [*The project video can be watched here.*]() **JOBY** is not just an interactive data visualisation tool. **JOBY** is not just an APP. **JOBY** is not just an integration of multi-source data and multiple advanced methods. **JOBY** is a **knowledge and data-driven ...

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Small business solutions

Business Complete | Analytics Lab uses Australian government data to provide insights for users to make impactful decisions before starting a business. It also helps existing business owners to assess and evaluate their business location and to align their strategy with the trends of their surrou...

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Incub8 Australia

Australia is ranked 18 among 190 economies in the ease of doing business. With time Australia is becoming more attractive place to launch and run a start-up, having jumped to the fifth-most start-up-friendly country in the world according to the StartupBlink Startup Ecosystem Rankings 2019 repo...

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Small Biz Toolkit

Help small businesses understand the the benefits and negatives of starting up a new location without needing to research through endless datasets, but instead, look at data visualised.

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