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Audio, meet Building

**Audio, Meet Building** is the tourism app that tags Australia’s heritage sites with contemporary storytelling. Walking tours add context to place. They bring it to life. Our idea is to provide a rich tourism experience that lets locals add their own personal histories to buildings they have ...

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Start Here App

Individuals not in employment, education or training who are interested in running their own business may be eligible for New Business Assistance with NEIS. But how will they know if it's a good idea to start their business and how will they know where to open it? The Start Here app will show ...

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Starting a small business is scary, but with the help of the BizViz app you can get a clear vision on your business’s potential. Simply enter the industry or field you’re looking to start a business in, your business preferred location, and some additional information and then the app will compar...

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Historical Agricultural Methodology Index [HAMI]

A website based index of historical indigenous farming methods and forum for new and upcoming farming startups. To prepare for our future, we must look into the past. Applying indigenous Australian techniques that have been honed for millennia we can distinguish one of the largest agricultural ex...

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The Belonging project will be - Everybody belongs in society. Some children/adults are stigmatised by what has been traditionally called “special needs” or differences. This doesn’t need to happen. Utilising appropriate datasets to identify targeted populations with differences key community memb...

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Workplaces and businesses are trending towards online activities, and as a result workplaces and cities will become more geographically distributed across the country and across the globe. This brings with it a great opportunity for smaller local economies to take advantage of the portability of...

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Helping Small Business with BizValidator

BizValidator makes it easy for businesses to find the information they need through a government portal.

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eNLB - "The Future of AG"

eNLB – “The Future of AG” Brings together interactive technology with the traditional livestock branding process in line with other national livestock tracking and identification systems. Our easy to use out of the box software for farmers & other enthusiasts bridges the gap with current e...

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Jinder - Tinder for Jobs

Our research demonstrated that small businesses are unable to reach and communicate to job seekers in an effective matter. Inspired by the “Nudge unit” and rising research in behavioural insights, we have developed a simple job description generation tool that connects to existing systems. Small ...

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Social Inclusion Platform

Our hack provides the social entrepreneur the tools to take their idea to concept, helping them with contextual data to understand demand, validate their ideas against market conditions, help connect them with the support and infrastructure they require and providing the quantitative and qualitat...

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## Problem The water supply has been unstable across the years in Australia. Given the heavy reliance on rainfall, focus on water conservation has been put on streamflow control. However, things can be done more household basis. While water consumption remains consistently high, the visualiz...

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Quality Air

1 in 9 Australians suffer from chronic respiratory diseases, a group of conditions that have a wide range of triggers, including dust, pollutants, temperature, humidity and pressure. We wanted to design a tool for the community, but specifically targeting those with respiratory illnesses, that co...

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Project 10

10 GovHack Challenges combined

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Australian InduStory

A cohesive story about the past & present of businesses in Australia.

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First Step

First Step highlights the quality of life benefits that are on offer outside metropolitan areas. These benefits range from economic (housing, home and business rent costing) and health and happiness (lifestyle, shorter commutes etc).

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Innovation Impact

The impact of Innovation Centres - Better training, experience and the impact on Startup opportunities

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Project 942

Helping Start-ups and New Small Businesses in Australia. How do we encourage self-employment through greater participation in NEIS for cohorts currently underrepresented?

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WorkPaths Australia

Our motto is “Helping Australian’s to find appropriate and fulfilling work based on FACTS” All Australian’s deserve fulfilling and well paid vocations. It is also in our national interest for people to fill vacant jobs that are available and prepare for future demand. Excitingly, this might in...

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Incub8 Australia

Australia is ranked 18 among 190 economies in the ease of doing business. With time Australia is becoming more attractive place to launch and run a start-up, having jumped to the fifth-most start-up-friendly country in the world according to the StartupBlink Startup Ecosystem Rankings 2019 repo...

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Small Biz Toolkit

Help small businesses understand the the benefits and negatives of starting up a new location without needing to research through endless datasets, but instead, look at data visualised.

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Small business solutions

Business Complete | Analytics Lab uses Australian government data to provide insights for users to make impactful decisions before starting a business. It also helps existing business owners to assess and evaluate their business location and to align their strategy with the trends of their surrou...

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