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Well Beeing

#Password for the Homepage URL is 'pass'# As we aim to take a proactive approach at preserving one of our most valuable resources, our environment, we turn to another valuable resource for solutions. Data. Our response to the current climate is to create an app we call Well Bee-ing, Powered...

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Wenergy WA

Locate Future Water Storage and Link Watercourses and Energy Distribution Infrastructure. Plan resource allocation and identify regional projects to support growth. Connect special interest groups/clubs with government funding programs to assist regional growth. Wenergy Shows us Where and When...

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Kwatyeke Akaltye-irreme

Spread awareness of water issues to new residents

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Power Play

PowerPlay is an app that serves the purpose of Educating people on energy, finding energy problems, people seeking advice and solutions to problems reported on the website, you can also keep track of how much your energy usage it is currently and also how much you are using.

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Aquavo is a crowdfunding charitable organization to purchase/reserve water for more water-efficient usage and environmental water. Through algorithmic trading, we will optimize the amount of water preserved and redistribute water to encourage water efficiency. Contributors will subscribe while ...

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Solving QLD's Droughts

Australia. In three words: beautiful, stunning, breathtaking. But, in a country so beautiful, it’s easy to forget. Forget that it isn’t so beautiful and easy everywhere in the nation. Forget those less fortunate. Less lucky. 60% of Queensland is in drought. Something as simple, and seemingly ‘...

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Water Aid

INTRODUCTION There are four members making up KTKT who are Kylie, Thanh, Karthik and Tin. The project the group produces for the GovHack2019 competition. PROBLEM The problem the team wishes to tackle is water resource management in Australia. A central theme connecting them, with data across...

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## Problem The water supply has been unstable across the years in Australia. Given the heavy reliance on rainfall, focus on water conservation has been put on streamflow control. However, things can be done more household basis. While water consumption remains consistently high, the visualiz...

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Next H20

A responsive web application built on Bootstrap and D3 libraries, reads through multiple crop and rainfall data available for all state's crop districts and provides a comparison analysis.

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Ripple Effect

It’s not only about shorter showers. How do the decisions we make every day influence water supply and distribution? We have created a native iOS Mobile App to play an interactive story of an everyday encounter, where you have to make simple choices that lead to different outcomes (a lush ...

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Project Bowtie

Our vision is to promote awareness to leaders that the current level of innovation is constrained by out dated philosophies. Our team has portrayed an example where we can either choose to follow he same path or we can take on the learning of other countries and iterate on there ideas for a more ...

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ILI - Innovative Land Index

# Team CeRDIfy ## Our Team - Daniel Ferguson - Team leader & developer - Dr. Angela Neyland - GIS expert & video editor - Dr. Basharat Ali - Researcher - Chris Bahlo - Overall ninja (actually a knight) - Derek Walters - Researcher ## Innovative Land Index (ILI) The Innovative Land Inde...

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Australia’s hot and dry climate, makes resources such as fresh water a valuable commodity. This issue is combined with the problem of the extensive resources required to connect remote and regional communities to accessible power. With the aim to reach sustainable targets by the end of 2050 - 100...

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Distributed Renewable Energy Integration

Simulations were created for a theoretical Microgrid based in Yeppoon, Regional Queensland. An optimisation was performed on the data using a quadrated cost-function, the least-squared approach over voltage, frequency, total-harmoic distortion and phase-shift. Regional living and the regional e...

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Team: Shaun Hayward: hardware/software Jonard Erro: data collation Jarred Cooper: videography and website design Jordan McKenzie: project direction, script and narrator This device monitors and displays water consumption. It includes both household daily and weekly usage, as well as a com...

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## ![QWild Logo](https://i.imgur.com/1Lk43aO.png) ### Team Members 🐨 Aaron Charlton | Team Captain, Web Developer 🦘 Ivan von Christ | UX/UI Designer 🦇 Genevieve Carter | Web Developer ### Project Description Wildlife across Queensland and Australia are faced with numerous threats,...

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H2O Hub

Our climate is changing, but water remains one of our most precious resources. Australia is shaped by drought. We are a land of harsh terrain and harsh weather. Droughts over the last few years have had a large footprint, long duration and high intensity. > “The next war in the Middle Eas...

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Water Hacklings

Youth team (4-11 years old) working on a water hack in Sydney (remote). **What did we make?** We made a model of a playground we think the council should build hopefully you think that too. It isn’t just an ordinary playground it is a fun place teaching children about water. It teachers child...

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War on Water Waste

War On Water Waste is a game that simulates Brisbane city from 2000 to 2050. The user plays the role of town management, and tries to make Brisbane the best city that they possibly can. While certain features are still under development, the basic theme of saving water has been implemented - this...

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Rainfall Splashing in Puddles

Here is the Ballarat Hacker's 2019 GovHack entry titled "Rain Splashing in Puddles". In this board game, we first start by moving around the board by rolling dice. As we go through the game, we collect rainfall in our reservoir, while being careful not to use too much rain and running out....

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No Fire Now

NFN is a IoT bush fire early warning system web management console

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The Power Spot

The Power Spot provides a simple way to visualise how much of our energy is coming from renewable sources, how much renewable energy we are storing in the grid and using later, also, how much energy we are sharing with our neighbours, and how much energy is coming from non renewable sources. ...

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Optimise water and energy

The challenge is to optimise water and energy. The application is designed TALK2SOIL through which the individual would be able to know the amount of water required for the irrigation or gardening purposes. This app will be able to connect with soil moisture sensor that will provide real time inf...

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Yours Outdoors

We have developed ***Yours Outdoors***, an App designed to find the best park and outdoor facilities for you and your friends.

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The project is provides insights of officials attendance of meetings in different organizations. An organization can be regional council, district health board, etc. Additionally it provides a way of visualising and analysing meeting minutes to get an overview of what has been discussed and h...

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My Environment

Our project is a website/app that provides home owners with information on flood risks, fire ratings, water efficiency and solar energy potential for their specific area. The aim of the site is to engage Queensland communities with their surrounding environment through the use of spatial data.

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Carbon impact of Electricity & Solutions

We are trying to inform people on their carbon emmissons and how they can decrease that through everyday life and save money while doing it

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Next Crops is a cloud based native Android app developed by team ARVIS. It helps farmers in Australia to make big decision on the next generation crops to grow on their farm land. We have crafted a cloud application that untilise a bunch of data sets such as Agriculture Victoria Soils API, Irriga...

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Walk the Talk

This is a very cool app created for GovRack, that will encourage people of all ages, from children to adults, to walk more and reduce congestion and parking issues. People will be able to use the able to walk to work, to school, to the markets or anywhere. It will also help saving the environment...

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# Sustainability - By🌱Smart Green Growth🌱 ## Context ### The challenge ## Introduction ### Our project is a [hydrophonic system](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hydroponics) that conserves the use of water. it does this by preventing loss of water by evaporation and transpiration from p...

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Project NRG - New Renewable Green

This application will allow informed choice of energy supplies to your home in Tasmania.

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Rain Drop

We believe that our challenge Water – From Source to tap: is effectively met through the use of the interactive game that has been created. The game showcases the water cycle and how the water is being transformed through each phase.

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