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Starting a small business is scary, but with the help of the BizViz app you can get a clear vision on your business’s potential. Simply enter the industry or field you’re looking to start a business in, your business preferred location, and some additional information and then the app will compar...

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Power Play

PowerPlay is an app that serves the purpose of Educating people on energy, finding energy problems, people seeking advice and solutions to problems reported on the website, you can also keep track of how much your energy usage it is currently and also how much you are using.

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How do the suburbs of Sydney interact and evolve? We explore the city through the lens of data, generating new suburbs and evolving existing ones to compare and contrast with the existing social and cultural landscapes of the city.

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What is the tool Our tool provides individuals the ability to compare the current state of their life to historical bankruptees, allowing them to assess the statistical likelihood of bankruptcy. How does it work As you enter personal details, you will be presented with a percentage chance of t...

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Helping Small Business with BizValidator

BizValidator makes it easy for businesses to find the information they need through a government portal.

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eNLB - "The Future of AG"

eNLB – “The Future of AG” Brings together interactive technology with the traditional livestock branding process in line with other national livestock tracking and identification systems. Our easy to use out of the box software for farmers & other enthusiasts bridges the gap with current e...

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Jinder - Tinder for Jobs

Our research demonstrated that small businesses are unable to reach and communicate to job seekers in an effective matter. Inspired by the “Nudge unit” and rising research in behavioural insights, we have developed a simple job description generation tool that connects to existing systems. Small ...

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Social Inclusion Platform

Our hack provides the social entrepreneur the tools to take their idea to concept, helping them with contextual data to understand demand, validate their ideas against market conditions, help connect them with the support and infrastructure they require and providing the quantitative and qualitat...

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Water Aid

INTRODUCTION There are four members making up KTKT who are Kylie, Thanh, Karthik and Tin. The project the group produces for the GovHack2019 competition. PROBLEM The problem the team wishes to tackle is water resource management in Australia. A central theme connecting them, with data across...

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### ⚠️ THE PROBLEMS We identified three main pain points affecting the quality of our journey on trains: - Quick and concise ETA at your destination: right now it's something that you check before the trip begins, but once you're in transit it's hard to go back and find the bus or train tha...

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Accessible Toilet Finder

**Our Project** When you have to go, you have to go! But where to go? When travelling on public transport, this can be a challenge for people with less mobility needing to use an accessible toilet – that’s where we come in. The project makes data useful for people who need to find accessibl...

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Find my Spot

Find my Spot. An app or an extension to Trip Planner NSW
to help reduce commuter traffic to central business districts. Aim to ease city congestion and to improve peoples experience of public transport by suggesting a mix mode transport navigation solution. https://youtu.be/oKRaOnH_u-I

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Australia’s hot and dry climate, makes resources such as fresh water a valuable commodity. This issue is combined with the problem of the extensive resources required to connect remote and regional communities to accessible power. With the aim to reach sustainable targets by the end of 2050 - 100...

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Solving employment issues with data

We have focused on helping regional communities fill employment opportunities by making open source data available in a user friendly format. This enables underemployed and unemployed people access to the information that they need to make informed decisions regarding their future employment.

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Team: Shaun Hayward: hardware/software Jonard Erro: data collation Jarred Cooper: videography and website design Jordan McKenzie: project direction, script and narrator This device monitors and displays water consumption. It includes both household daily and weekly usage, as well as a com...

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Blue Lake Mountain Bike Trails

Here's an app that was designed so you as the user can locate and find all the trails that are located around the district and also links to the local Mountain Bike Community’s pages.There is currently no other information provided by Mount Gambier Tourism Towards Mountain Bike Trails in and arou...

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CoolWalk Sydney

Our project is an interactive app that will help you navigate the city of Sydney. It uses heat vulnerability, vegetation coverage and location data to plan a route throughout the city based on your preferences. These preferences would include whether you want the fastest or coolest route, desired...

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WorkPaths Australia

Our motto is “Helping Australian’s to find appropriate and fulfilling work based on FACTS” All Australian’s deserve fulfilling and well paid vocations. It is also in our national interest for people to fill vacant jobs that are available and prepare for future demand. Excitingly, this might in...

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Mae is history knowledgeable chatbot that is tailored to enhance dialog and conversations using text or audio (Smart Devices e.g. Phone or Google Home) and integrates into websites, applications or instant messengers (e.g. Facebook Messenger) to get closer to end users. The goal is to deliver an ...

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OptiTech Navigation Systems-Beta

OpTiTech Navigation Systems is an mobile app that utilises the ACT road safety camera program. The app is designed to show you the traffic speed camera locations, as well as projections of traffic congestion. Interestingly, the app also gives live feed expiation notice system (ENS) data within a...

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Andele is a prototyping idea for a public transport mobile phone application. We believe that, by creating a new and more informative user experience when it comes to public transport, we can encourage more commuters to make use of public transport, thereby reducing traffic congestion and greenho...

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The Easier Way Out

Filing for bankruptcy can be stressful for people. This already difficult time becomes increasingly overwhelming when you're faced with an extended form asking you about the entirety of your financial situation. 'The Easier Way Out' project aims at making it simpler for applicants to complete ...

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Incub8 Australia

Australia is ranked 18 among 190 economies in the ease of doing business. With time Australia is becoming more attractive place to launch and run a start-up, having jumped to the fifth-most start-up-friendly country in the world according to the StartupBlink Startup Ecosystem Rankings 2019 repo...

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NSW is one the best places in Australia to raise a family. However, it is also one of the most expensive places with childcare expenses, educational expenses, transport expenses etc. Fortunately, government provides many services and rebates for parents to support one of their life’s most import...

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