Entries to 🌟 Improving the customer experience of government services

Checkpoint Project Team Location
Checkpoint 3 BizViz Bright Minds Albany
Checkpoint 1 Power Play H.A.C.M Mount Gambier
Checkpoint 2 Burratown "data" Sydney
Checkpoint 1 Helping Small Business with BizValidator JOCAR Sydney
Checkpoint 2 eNLB - "The Future of AG" AgTech 2050 Peregian Beach
Checkpoint 3 Jinder - Tinder for Jobs Jinder Sydney
Checkpoint 2 Social Inclusion Platform Social Hero Sydney
Checkpoint 3 Water Aid Keep The Kool Time (KTKT) Adelaide
Checkpoint 1 TrainMate™️ The Codefather Sydney
Checkpoint 1 Accessible Toilet Finder inclusivIT Sydney
Checkpoint 1 Find my Spot Find my Spot Sydney
Checkpoint 4 Watergy Octagon.io Sydney
Checkpoint 1 Solving employment issues with data Weekend Hackers Sydney
Checkpoint 4 AqWatch USC Innovative Engineers Sunshine Coast
Checkpoint 4 Blue Lake Mountain Bike Trails M1 Mount Gambier
Checkpoint 2 CoolWalk Sydney Team 520 Sunshine Coast
Checkpoint 1 WorkPaths Australia WorkPaths Sydney
Checkpoint 3 Mae ARCS Adelaide
Checkpoint 1 OptiTech Navigation Systems-Beta KinderGeek Remote South Australia
Checkpoint 3 Ándale The Artful Bodgers Sunshine Coast
Checkpoint 3 The Easier Way Out Caffeinated Pre-workout Sydney
Checkpoint 1 Incub8 Australia Team SwitchCase Sydney
Checkpoint 1 eDUCATE NSW Team SwitchCase Sydney
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