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Audio, meet Building

**Audio, Meet Building** is the tourism app that tags Australia’s heritage sites with contemporary storytelling. Walking tours add context to place. They bring it to life. Our idea is to provide a rich tourism experience that lets locals add their own personal histories to buildings they have ...

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Information and safety app for remote outdoor activities

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Fish Go

Tasmania has Australia's best marine resources, not only beautiful landscape, but also a variety of fish resources. Although fishing enthusiasts know where the best place for fishing is, but other people do not know about these kind of information. As we know that there are many famous places for...

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Ahead Above Water

Our Aim is to link relevant, compelling, local climate data to interested parties via provocative interactive artwork. The artwork will link to relevant geo targeted data in the form of a website via mobile device QR scanning.

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Read the README description at the repository to better understand how it works. However, a simple description is: When there is a need of using more than one dataset, there is a need to cross them at some point. This project is a Python Module capable of doing such merge automatically. It is ...

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VR Bois

We took Great Barrier Reef depth data and used it to model a terrain in Unity3D. We then added Oculus support allowing the user to explore the seafloor as if they were really there.

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Solving QLD's Droughts

Australia. In three words: beautiful, stunning, breathtaking. But, in a country so beautiful, it’s easy to forget. Forget that it isn’t so beautiful and easy everywhere in the nation. Forget those less fortunate. Less lucky. 60% of Queensland is in drought. Something as simple, and seemingly ‘...

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# Koalar Koalar is an app that enables travellers to help the environment. ## Trip Planning ![enter image description here](https://i.imgur.com/p1Hn975.png) Koalar uses the SEED and CSIRO datasets to map where the native animals are in Australia. It presents information on different...

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Ripple Effect

It’s not only about shorter showers. How do the decisions we make every day influence water supply and distribution? We have created a native iOS Mobile App to play an interactive story of an everyday encounter, where you have to make simple choices that lead to different outcomes (a lush ...

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Whale awareness / sound relay project.

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Australia’s hot and dry climate, makes resources such as fresh water a valuable commodity. This issue is combined with the problem of the extensive resources required to connect remote and regional communities to accessible power. With the aim to reach sustainable targets by the end of 2050 - 100...

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Energy Distribution for Resillience and Prosperity

Our projects explores the economic opportunities and necessities that will drive us towards a future that ensures our survival, and allows us to thrive. Using the data available, we identified locations that will have the best opportunities to participate in future economies built on renewable e...

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Our project is an app that help tourists and locals alike by providing information on many of the necessary information about your location or a specific location that is searched by the user, this information ranges from providing the user with location of toilets and ATM's through to giving the...

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It’s Bin Long Enough.

Starting July all general consumables for sale need to have a scannable barcode in relation to our App “Global Disposal Proposal”. The app connects with marketers, producers, buyers and manufacturers to clearly inform users on the correct way to dispose of packaging.

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Australia @ Sea

In this project, we researched the issues regarding marine life and how losing coral reefs affects the shores of Australia. The solutions that were thought of including increasing awareness with people of all ages and how they can contribute to saving marine life and coral reefs. The situation is...

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Water-from source to tap

Create an app to provide educational data about water resource to primary and lower secondary students.

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Project X

We have developed a solution that comprises data from different sources like TERN, IMOS, City of Darwin and Victoria. All of our datasets are listed in our Github Repository

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