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Climate Change, Water Security and Education

*Our Aims* Our aims are to generate new and innovative ideas to educate the community to be more water efficient. Is there a better way to educate and engage our youth and community to understand how much water we use, how we use it, how we can save it? We examine the lack of assistance to peop...

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H2GO is an interactive and educational challenge designed for young people to develop a greater understanding about water, the hydrologic cycle, its impact on the surrounding ecosystem and the changes they can make in their own lives. With the effects of global warming ever increasing, resulti...

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Our Project --- SaveWaterGo!! Here in Australia, according to the data from Bureau of Meteorology- Australia Government, we understand the fact that the 2019-19 financial year was drier than the average over in most part of Australia. On the other hand, according to the data from Australia Bur...

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Water Aid

INTRODUCTION There are four members making up KTKT who are Kylie, Thanh, Karthik and Tin. The project the group produces for the GovHack2019 competition. PROBLEM The problem the team wishes to tackle is water resource management in Australia. A central theme connecting them, with data across...

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Yours Outdoors

We have developed ***Yours Outdoors***, an App designed to find the best park and outdoor facilities for you and your friends.

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Accessible Toilet Finder

**Our Project** When you have to go, you have to go! But where to go? When travelling on public transport, this can be a challenge for people with less mobility needing to use an accessible toilet – that’s where we come in. The project makes data useful for people who need to find accessibl...

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Next H20

A responsive web application built on Bootstrap and D3 libraries, reads through multiple crop and rainfall data available for all state's crop districts and provides a comparison analysis.

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Ripple Effect

It’s not only about shorter showers. How do the decisions we make every day influence water supply and distribution? We have created a native iOS Mobile App to play an interactive story of an everyday encounter, where you have to make simple choices that lead to different outcomes (a lush ...

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Australia’s hot and dry climate, makes resources such as fresh water a valuable commodity. This issue is combined with the problem of the extensive resources required to connect remote and regional communities to accessible power. With the aim to reach sustainable targets by the end of 2050 - 100...

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Water Hacklings

Youth team (4-11 years old) working on a water hack in Sydney (remote). **What did we make?** We made a model of a playground we think the council should build hopefully you think that too. It isn’t just an ordinary playground it is a fun place teaching children about water. It teachers child...

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Rainfall Splashing in Puddles

Here is the Ballarat Hacker's 2019 GovHack entry titled "Rain Splashing in Puddles". In this board game, we first start by moving around the board by rolling dice. As we go through the game, we collect rainfall in our reservoir, while being careful not to use too much rain and running out....

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War on Water Waste

War On Water Waste is a game that simulates Brisbane city from 2000 to 2050. The user plays the role of town management, and tries to make Brisbane the best city that they possibly can. While certain features are still under development, the basic theme of saving water has been implemented - this...

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Project Splash!

# Splash! by Green. With continual population growth and the escalating impacts of climate change, water will become an even more scarce and precious resource than it is today. Safeguarding Australia's limited water supply will require all Australians to understand water's essential role in ou...

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My Environment

Our project is a website/app that provides home owners with information on flood risks, fire ratings, water efficiency and solar energy potential for their specific area. The aim of the site is to engage Queensland communities with their surrounding environment through the use of spatial data.

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Project 517

Challenge - Innovative ways to be efficient with water.

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Rain Drop

We believe that our challenge Water – From Source to tap: is effectively met through the use of the interactive game that has been created. The game showcases the water cycle and how the water is being transformed through each phase.

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Water-from source to tap

Create an app to provide educational data about water resource to primary and lower secondary students.

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Water Source to Tap

An educational video for kids to understand how water reaches tap from various sources.

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I.E(Interactive Education)

Interactive website to teach about the water cycle and other

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