Entries to 🌟 The Class of 2025

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Checkpoint Project Team Location
Checkpoint 2 STEM Trade N & M Brisbane
Checkpoint 4 Emboiable ANU Hacky Bois Canberra
Checkpoint 1 Jobs & Growth LMJD Pty Ltd Sunshine Coast
Checkpoint 4 Jobit HackVision Melbourne
Checkpoint 4 Education WA 2050 Cyclops Fremantle
Checkpoint 1 SpaceLab Enterprises KinderGeek Remote South Australia
Checkpoint 3 Project 891 Team 891 Geraldton
Checkpoint 3 What Will We Look Like? Coder's Unite Ballarat
Checkpoint 1 Help with HELP McBride Mob Albany
Checkpoint 1 JOBY - Prosper the Labour Market Opportunity Monitor Fremantle
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