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STEM Trade

STEM Trade connects students, innovation hubs and training organisations to ensure the development of 21st century skills for our changing workforce. STEM Tradeโ€™s website interface allows training organisations to connect with innovation hubs to develop meaningful traineeships and apprenticeships...

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Our project aims to help young adults better understand and visualise their career oportunities by providing tools to explore how geographic regions interact with jobs. Users have two main ways of interacting with our site. Users can choose an industry they are interested in (such as "medicine...

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Jobs & Growth

The aim of this project is to create a web platform that will allow users to quickly and easily compare the available job vacancies and the average income for various jobs in regions throughout Australia. This includes features to show current trends in employment for different sectors as well as...

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HackVision's Project is seeking to address how recent and future changes in the labour market can assist in preparing young people for job opportunities through predictive modelling. We have extended the concept to overlay training and ATO income data by the QLD region with an Aged Care indus...

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Education WA 2050

Considering the growing population in Western Australia, the education system needs more facilities to accommodate the growing number of students. The "Education WA 2050" project shows the growth of student over the year per Suburb. It also suggest whether the suburb needs any new school in the ...

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SpaceLab Enterprises

Space Lab enterprises is an open online community driven website which educators and leading academics crowd share and surf topics to knuckle out everyday scientific and other researches . The website creates collaboration between researchers. Hence, noting that the site benifits the end-user an...

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Project 891

What will Australian cities look like in 2050? A look at a sustainable future outlook.

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What Will We Look Like?

We attempted to use 1990 to 2020 data, and from this forecast to 2050, to give us an idea of what Australia would be like then.

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Help with HELP

Use Education Department, ATO, and ABS datasets to enable user to visualise the demand for various occupations within industry sectors and see the level of Higher Education Loan Program (HELP) debt accumulated by people working in those occupations.

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JOBY - Prosper the Labour Market

## What is "JOBY"? [*The project video can be watched here.*]() **JOBY** is not just an interactive data visualisation tool. **JOBY** is not just an APP. **JOBY** is not just an integration of multi-source data and multiple advanced methods. **JOBY** is a **knowledge and data-driven ...

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