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The Power Spot

The Power Spot provides a simple way to visualise how much of our energy is coming from renewable sources, how much renewable energy we are storing in the grid and using later, also, how much energy we are sharing with our neighbours, and how much energy is coming from non renewable sources. ...

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Gold Coast, Southport Tram Expansion

Proposal for additional light rail routes to be added to the Gold Coast, South Port CBD District.

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Move To

The Move-To app enables users to explore a personalised view of regional locations scored against their requirements and lifestyle choices. This enables a more informed relocation decisions to be made by users driving better economic outcomes for individuals and regions.

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EduVision is an open dataset that allows government, industry and students to explore potential future gaps in industry based on the growth predictions and current student subject enrolments. By aligning these subjects to industries that students are likely to progress into we can identify shorta...

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Distributed Renewable Energy Integration

Simulations were created for a theoretical Microgrid based in Yeppoon, Regional Queensland. An optimisation was performed on the data using a quadrated cost-function, the least-squared approach over voltage, frequency, total-harmoic distortion and phase-shift. Regional living and the regional e...

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Solving QLD's Droughts

Australia. In three words: beautiful, stunning, breathtaking. But, in a country so beautiful, it’s easy to forget. Forget that it isn’t so beautiful and easy everywhere in the nation. Forget those less fortunate. Less lucky. 60% of Queensland is in drought. Something as simple, and seemingly ‘...

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Jobs & Growth

The aim of this project is to create a web platform that will allow users to quickly and easily compare the available job vacancies and the average income for various jobs in regions throughout Australia. This includes features to show current trends in employment for different sectors as well as...

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Project 812

The vision of the product is to help Australia providing more opportunity for employment and jobs. Our team decided to build a website which fetches the data from the government database. Therefore, users can know the suburb whether it is a great opportunity to build a startup or job.

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First Step

First Step highlights the quality of life benefits that are on offer outside metropolitan areas. These benefits range from economic (housing, home and business rent costing) and health and happiness (lifestyle, shorter commutes etc).

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STEM Trade

STEM Trade connects students, innovation hubs and training organisations to ensure the development of 21st century skills for our changing workforce. STEM Trade’s website interface allows training organisations to connect with innovation hubs to develop meaningful traineeships and apprenticeships...

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