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Climate Change, Water Security and Education

*Our Aims* Our aims are to generate new and innovative ideas to educate the community to be more water efficient. Is there a better way to educate and engage our youth and community to understand how much water we use, how we use it, how we can save it? We examine the lack of assistance to peop...

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Our solution comes in two parts: a React frontend application for displaying map visualisations, and a backend Python API service for data retrieval and developers. Given a mode of transport, our app provides you with human centric data about possible routes between your location and another. I...

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Team 460 presents CoolMove, a cooler and more seamless experience for transport users in NSW and elsewhere in Australia. In addition to the usual trip planning on public transport networks, CoolMove also shows users the coolest walking routes for users to access public transport without breaking ...

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Ozmesh is an instant, interactive mesh block statistical data visualization tool that uses NSW heat and vegetation data, ABS data and Journey To Work data to help users navigate Sydney.

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The idea is with help of Governement, Communities and Organisations , Provide the capability for public at risk to get notified of the emergency Event nearby and Help them navigate to nearest Safe Zone. Also Provide capability for the Emergency Department to assess the impact of the incident with...

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GridReaper is a congestion forecaster for commuters. It provides commuters an accurate forecast of congestion in various transportation methods in the following days, weeks, and months.

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For GovHack 2019 we’ve taken on the challenge of improving public transport experiences into the future with open data. We've created a real-time location-based chat platform for public transport users, *T-Chat*. ##Problem If you travel on public transport you’ll be aware everyone travels ...

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Green Routes' vision is to increase citizens' engagement with their environment. Along with preparing citizens for urban heat, we believe that we can also tackle congestion, reduce obesity in young Australians, and improve the overall well-being of all citizens. With more and more Australia...

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Accessible Toilet Finder

**Our Project** When you have to go, you have to go! But where to go? When travelling on public transport, this can be a challenge for people with less mobility needing to use an accessible toilet – that’s where we come in. The project makes data useful for people who need to find accessibl...

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Project Bowtie

Our vision is to promote awareness to leaders that the current level of innovation is constrained by out dated philosophies. Our team has portrayed an example where we can either choose to follow he same path or we can take on the learning of other countries and iterate on there ideas for a more ...

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This app would show all trams and train locations near you. It would also show where a historical location like a museum and then show the quickest route to it. You can also track your tram or train as it is on the go with our state of the art GPS tracking technology.

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Blue Lake Mountain Bike Trails

Here's an app that was designed so you as the user can locate and find all the trails that are located around the district and also links to the local Mountain Bike Community’s pages.There is currently no other information provided by Mount Gambier Tourism Towards Mountain Bike Trails in and arou...

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I want to go to there

Imagine you want to go out for a picnic, fly a drone or train for state of origin. Is it a good day? Where should you go and how should you get there? Will there be trees there? ![screenshot](https://hackerspace.govhack.org/rails/active_storage/blobs/eyJfcmFpbHMiOnsibWVzc2FnZSI6IkJBaHBBaFlEIiw...

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GreenWay - The coolest way to travel across the city.

GreenWay is a live functional web app that navigates shows you between any two points in the Greater Sydney Area with routes that prioritise greenery and avoid the urban heat of the built up in environment. It also shows you heat maps for the area showing the levels of vegetation cover and temper...

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CoolWalk Sydney

Our project is an interactive app that will help you navigate the city of Sydney. It uses heat vulnerability, vegetation coverage and location data to plan a route throughout the city based on your preferences. These preferences would include whether you want the fastest or coolest route, desired...

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Walk the Talk

This is a very cool app created for GovRack, that will encourage people of all ages, from children to adults, to walk more and reduce congestion and parking issues. People will be able to use the able to walk to work, to school, to the markets or anywhere. It will also help saving the environment...

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An application to provide paths through the city maximising the use of cooler areas.


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