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Read the README description at the repository to better understand how it works. However, a simple description is: When there is a need of using more than one dataset, there is a need to cross them at some point. This project is a Python Module capable of doing such merge automatically. It is ...

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eNLB - "The Future of AG"

eNLB – β€œThe Future of AG” Brings together interactive technology with the traditional livestock branding process in line with other national livestock tracking and identification systems. Our easy to use out of the box software for farmers & other enthusiasts bridges the gap with current e...

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VisuaLink: - Provides high level overview of the data from TM-Link - deeper insights by Filing office, Applicant Country and Nice Class. - Forecasts future trends

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Project 10

10 GovHack Challenges combined

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Australian InduStory

A cohesive story about the past & present of businesses in Australia.

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Trademark Like Yours

Unlocking trademark data can help trademarks applicants get the right information, and help the government make informed decisions. Trademark Like Yours is an information portal that uses TM-Link data, enriched with other ABS datasets, to help find insights into future industries, saturated mark...

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OptiTech Navigation Systems-Beta

OpTiTech Navigation Systems is an mobile app that utilises the ACT road safety camera program. The app is designed to show you the traffic speed camera locations, as well as projections of traffic congestion. Interestingly, the app also gives live feed expiation notice system (ENS) data within a...

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Small business solutions

Business Complete | Analytics Lab uses Australian government data to provide insights for users to make impactful decisions before starting a business. It also helps existing business owners to assess and evaluate their business location and to align their strategy with the trends of their surrou...

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