Entries to Local Government Information Technology Association of South Australia

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Checkpoint Project Team Location
Checkpoint 2 Power Play H.A.C.M Mount Gambier
Checkpoint 4 NetAid NetAid Adelaide
Checkpoint 3 Belonging Wind breakers Mount Gambier
Checkpoint 2 Improve SA Data Geeks - Improve SA Adelaide
Checkpoint 4 PAPPER: Predictive Adaptive Parking Price Estimator Artificially Intelligent Adelaide
Checkpoint 2 NICI Expósito - An Exposé Team Adelaide
Checkpoint 4 sqly-me Porretas Adelaide
Checkpoint 4 Countree Team ExperienceSA Adelaide
Checkpoint 1 H2GO ElectronicallyE Adelaide
Checkpoint 2 Take a Break, Mate The Data Highway Mount Gambier
Checkpoint 2 1Stop The Entertaining 3 Mount Gambier
Checkpoint 1 Blue Lake Mountain Bike Trails M1 Mount Gambier
Checkpoint 3 Are you really going to drive tomorrow? Rufus! (from accounting ...) Adelaide
Checkpoint 1 SpaceLab Enterprises KinderGeek Remote South Australia
Checkpoint 2 SAritage Team SAritage Adelaide
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