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Checkpoint Project Team Location
Checkpoint 1 Mind Mate The Mind Mates Taradale
Checkpoint 1 Aotearoa Māhanga Matihiko AMM Whanganui
Checkpoint 3 Project 594 Toms Misfits Taradale
Checkpoint 1 Mental Health Journey Tool The Puzzling Ducks Wellington
Checkpoint 1 Movely Movely Wellington
Checkpoint 1 Beacon Lighthouse Taradale
Checkpoint 1 Localé Team io Taradale
Checkpoint 1 Project 711 Team 711 Taradale
Checkpoint 3 AutoMate Pinecone Taradale
Checkpoint 1 RUBeingServed Transparency Ninjas Taradale
Checkpoint 3 Waldo Hello Politician Auckland
Checkpoint 1 FeelGood Good Vibrations Wellington
Checkpoint 1 OrganoLandView Pure Land Seekers Taradale
Checkpoint 4 Jrnal Team Jrnal Auckland
Checkpoint 1 Carbon impact of Electricity & Solutions Weebs Taradale
Checkpoint 4 Order 66 Ctrl Alt Defeat Auckland
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