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Audio, meet Building

**Audio, Meet Building** is the tourism app that tags Australia’s heritage sites with contemporary storytelling. Walking tours add context to place. They bring it to life. Our idea is to provide a rich tourism experience that lets locals add their own personal histories to buildings they have ...

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V (We) R (Are) Fremantle

#### We integrate Virtual Reality (VR) and emerging technologies to build Smart Fremantle and provide immersive heritage interpretation experience. ## Background The City of Fremantle is known for its unique heritage. As one of the most visited destinations in WA, Fremantle is constantly se...

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Historical Agricultural Methodology Index [HAMI]

A website based index of historical indigenous farming methods and forum for new and upcoming farming startups. To prepare for our future, we must look into the past. Applying indigenous Australian techniques that have been honed for millennia we can distinguish one of the largest agricultural ex...

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The Belonging project will be - Everybody belongs in society. Some children/adults are stigmatised by what has been traditionally called “special needs” or differences. This doesn’t need to happen. Utilising appropriate datasets to identify targeted populations with differences key community memb...

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NetAid is a data-driven social impact platform that provides our stakeholders access to government data in the form of a user-friendly dashboard. The dashboard contains various data visualizations that can be filtered and manipulated by the user to fit their analytics needs. With the NetAid platf...

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Aquavo is a crowdfunding charitable organization to purchase/reserve water for more water-efficient usage and environmental water. Through algorithmic trading, we will optimize the amount of water preserved and redistribute water to encourage water efficiency. Contributors will subscribe while ...

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National Investment and Commerce Initiative or NICI is a modern gateway to connect investors, migrants and tourists to opportunities and services provided by the federal, state, and local government agencies. NICI's AWS based intelligent platform employs mature services such as machine learning, ...

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In Tent City

Homelessness Include a plug for services People coming to Melbourne because the homelessness services are better than anywhere else in Oz An opportunity to change the face of homelessness - Something about culture - There’s a community -We’re not drug addicts, we’re not abusive, we’re ...

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Workplaces and businesses are trending towards online activities, and as a result workplaces and cities will become more geographically distributed across the country and across the globe. This brings with it a great opportunity for smaller local economies to take advantage of the portability of...

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Read the README description at the repository to better understand how it works. However, a simple description is: When there is a need of using more than one dataset, there is a need to cross them at some point. This project is a Python Module capable of doing such merge automatically. It is ...

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Explore Launnie

As we expect a rapid growth of population in the greater Launceston community, we want to develop a website containing useful data. The data indicates locations of different places where family can visit, public facilities, and bike routes. And the information provided on the website can bring co...

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eNLB - "The Future of AG"

eNLB – “The Future of AG” Brings together interactive technology with the traditional livestock branding process in line with other national livestock tracking and identification systems. Our easy to use out of the box software for farmers & other enthusiasts bridges the gap with current e...

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Social Inclusion Platform

Our hack provides the social entrepreneur the tools to take their idea to concept, helping them with contextual data to understand demand, validate their ideas against market conditions, help connect them with the support and infrastructure they require and providing the quantitative and qualitat...

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Project 812

The vision of the product is to help Australia providing more opportunity for employment and jobs. Our team decided to build a website which fetches the data from the government database. Therefore, users can know the suburb whether it is a great opportunity to build a startup or job.

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History Box

Exploding history from the dusty digital archives. There's a lot of history available through various national and state repositories that are extremely entertaining. We observed team members' reactions to watching them thought almost everyone we knew here in Launceston would enjoy looking at...

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Little Yarns

Little Yarns is an app that allows children and families to engage with indigenous language. Little Yarns provides children and families the opportunity to engage with our indigenous languages, building awareness and celebrating the cosmopolitan diversity of our society. Little Yarns allows kids ...

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PFJ 2020

Choose2Refuse: the app that will let users monitor their use of single use plastics helping tell the story of the impac Plastic Free July has on the world

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indigi : The Indigenous Language Learning App

Our project aims to create platform that raises awareness and helps to promote and preserve the Aboriginal language. Through gamification we will create an indigenous language learning application known as “Indigi”, that allows for easy learning and understanding of various indigenous dialects. ...

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Youth Justice Maze

We’ve always been passionate about what can be done to help disadvantaged people and particularly a group of young people whose stories don’t often get told – those in our youth justice system. We have linked data in Victoria to evidence-based messages about youth justice to build empathy for you...

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OptiTech Navigation Systems-Beta

OpTiTech Navigation Systems is an mobile app that utilises the ACT road safety camera program. The app is designed to show you the traffic speed camera locations, as well as projections of traffic congestion. Interestingly, the app also gives live feed expiation notice system (ENS) data within a...

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tell me a story

Suburb gentrification - a tale of two suburbs

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Small business solutions

Business Complete | Analytics Lab uses Australian government data to provide insights for users to make impactful decisions before starting a business. It also helps existing business owners to assess and evaluate their business location and to align their strategy with the trends of their surrou...

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Bone Storm is a new wave Enterprise system where local composers can join the largest original composers forum. The website includes composers forum where there is tablature, bass, chord sheets, interviews, and just a chat bot.Once logged in, you can share files such as; guitar -bass tabs throug...

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