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Ahead Above Water

Our Aim is to link relevant, compelling, local climate data to interested parties via provocative interactive artwork. The artwork will link to relevant geo targeted data in the form of a website via mobile device QR scanning.

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Firewatch 🔥

The devastating effect that bushfires have on the forests of Tasmania is a growing epidemic which seems to be worsening as time goes on. In summer of this year, Tasmania experienced the second largest bushfire event in the state's history [[abc news]([https://www.abc.net.au/news/2019-08-08/bu...

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Inspiration: As the student of UTAS and TAS Newcomer, we are allured by this beautiful city and it is a wonderful thing to explore this extraordinary land. However, this convenient driving condition always comes with car parking inconvenience, many students and tourists often met the problem of ...

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Thriving Tasmania

PROBLEM IDENTIFICATION: • One of the key reasons for the last year bushfire was climate change. It had caused damages to the natural environment, tourism areas and commercial activities. If such events happen more frequently, it will be catastrophic to Tasmanian natural assets. Therefore, it is ...

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GridReaper is a congestion forecaster for commuters. It provides commuters an accurate forecast of congestion in various transportation methods in the following days, weeks, and months.

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CloseRanks powered by Resonance

# CloseRanks CloseRanks is the first application built on top of the Resonance algorithm and has been developed to demonstrate how the Resonance Algorithm can be applied to solve real problems in the world. ## Overview CloseRanks is application to assist with community co-ordination during t...

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Ripple Effect

It’s not only about shorter showers. How do the decisions we make every day influence water supply and distribution? We have created a native iOS Mobile App to play an interactive story of an everyday encounter, where you have to make simple choices that lead to different outcomes (a lush ...

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Team: Shaun Hayward: hardware/software Jonard Erro: data collation Jarred Cooper: videography and website design Jordan McKenzie: project direction, script and narrator This device monitors and displays water consumption. It includes both household daily and weekly usage, as well as a com...

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The Power Spot

The Power Spot provides a simple way to visualise how much of our energy is coming from renewable sources, how much renewable energy we are storing in the grid and using later, also, how much energy we are sharing with our neighbours, and how much energy is coming from non renewable sources. ...

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It’s Bin Long Enough.

Starting July all general consumables for sale need to have a scannable barcode in relation to our App “Global Disposal Proposal”. The app connects with marketers, producers, buyers and manufacturers to clearly inform users on the correct way to dispose of packaging.

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Project NRG - New Renewable Green

This application will allow informed choice of energy supplies to your home in Tasmania.

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# Sustainability - By🌱Smart Green Growth🌱 ## Context ### The challenge ## Introduction ### Our project is a [hydrophonic system](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hydroponics) that conserves the use of water. it does this by preventing loss of water by evaporation and transpiration from p...

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