Participating Teams for Canberra

Project Team
Canberra Roads Wall Art CrankyBot
CAS29 - Cyclist Augmentation System 2029 [Project 477] DIIStance Cyclists
Emboiable ANU Hacky Bois
Future Jobs Finder B&C
JobsAndGrowth GrowthAndJobs
LifeBus Projekt Green
LittleBird Cordelta Digital
LYFE - Lower Your Fuel Emissions DanGer
My Canberra Futures 2029 Analysts anonymous
Project Splash! Green.
Public Transport 2029 Braveness💪
SmartMaps BeFrank
Smart Parking Management System using Deep Learning After Realism
Tapestry 451
T-Chat Tiny Happy People Hacking
Trademark Like Yours neat 👌 SSH 😥💰💻
urTrash B&C
Visualising Land Use Electric Dreams
Vox Data Vox Data
VR Bois VR Bois
Xplore SuperFriendz
Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow DataOpener
Youth Justice Maze Team 514
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