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Fremantle has a wealth of history and community stories, but they are not available when you're sitting down enjoying a coffee in the sun on the esplanade. So what if you could pull out your smartphone and read, look or listen to information about the heritage of the buildings, events and peop...

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Information and safety app for remote outdoor activities

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Wenergy WA

Locate Future Water Storage and Link Watercourses and Energy Distribution Infrastructure. Plan resource allocation and identify regional projects to support growth. Connect special interest groups/clubs with government funding programs to assist regional growth. Wenergy Shows us Where and When...

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Starting a small business is scary, but with the help of the BizViz app you can get a clear vision on your business’s potential. Simply enter the industry or field you’re looking to start a business in, your business preferred location, and some additional information and then the app will compar...

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V (We) R (Are) Fremantle

#### We integrate Virtual Reality (VR) and emerging technologies to build Smart Fremantle and provide immersive heritage interpretation experience. ## Background The City of Fremantle is known for its unique heritage. As one of the most visited destinations in WA, Fremantle is constantly se...

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InstaPlace: Going Online for the Best of Offline.

InstaPlace is focussed on developing a sense of place for our young people, which is the fundamental way in which they can understand who they are. The region in which someone grows up, the places they visit and the relationships they form are crucial in this process. InstaPlace seeks to suppo...

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PolyVote allows people to connect with their local representatives and inform them on the issues that are important to them. It also allows for people to vote and comment on local, state and national issues and also bills that are before the senate and house of representatives. PolyVote is creati...

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Our Project is based working with local artists to create sculptures, paintings and large scale murals that incorporate objects that would otherwise end up in landfill every year.

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Drug aware app that Scans, Searches drugs either online or found if scanned, hot spot map to show local area hot spots where drugs have been found or sold at drug house or police raids. As well as help page with numbers for local services and helplines

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