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Transport data has always been regarded as not-so-pretty and user-unfriendly, especially to younger audiences, with confusing bus routes and complicated descriptions of directions. This in combination with the lack of an efficient, live updated platform which displays school bus routes for school...

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Project 594

A responsive dashboard that displays mental health data for the government and other relevant parties so they can see how their efforts are effecting the overall mental health of the citizens.

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Mental Health Journey Tool

Mental Health Journey is a tool for someone to get relevant information on mental health challenges that people in their demographic are facing. Our theory that someone suffering realises they are not alone, they will be more likely to seek help. The tool offers information to the user in thre...

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# Problem Our CBD is the heart of a growing region, an asset for our people, and an enabler for people to achieve their goals and succeed. With strong projected growth in residents, jobs, and visitors, the central city offers great opportunities for the region’s future prosperity. But with any ...

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Viral mental health awareness visualization

Allowing your friends to be aware of your mental health state without explicitly telling them

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The project is provides insights of officials attendance of meetings in different organizations. An organization can be regional council, district health board, etc. Additionally it provides a way of visualising and analysing meeting minutes to get an overview of what has been discussed and h...

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About us Why was Hello Politician created? A report from stats.govt.nz measured voter turnout in the 2014 New Zealand General Election and political participation using data from the 2016 General Society Survey. It shows that: - 85% of the eligible voting population voted in the 2014 Gen...

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Dissecting parliamentary speeches into poetry

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For our communities and local governments looking to improve wellbeing, FeelGood is a toolkit to help us understand how our decision-making impacts wellbeing and crowd-sources proposals to create positive wellbeing outcomes. We believe in putting the wellbeing of New Zealanders in the forefront o...

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In response to the need of a local organic horticultural business, to be able to visually inspect collated data, relevant to land use decisions, we are creating a tool that enables relevant and available land data sets to be selected and prioritised so that colour coded overlays, in plan view, pl...

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Order 66

Gonna do some things and stuff.

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