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Vox Data

Description: Open data provides us with reliable yet raw information. One of the main hurdles inhibiting its use lay in its siloed nature. As a consequence, extracting meaningful insights becomes laborious and time-consuming. Even when insights are drawn, consumers lack a platform to voice the...

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Public Transport 2029

Although Canberra has launched its new public transport system not long ago, there seem to exist a gap between the new system’s real performance and passengers’ expectations. The ACT government has been swamped with passengers’ complaints including driver shortage, unpunctuality, late announcemen...

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My Canberra Futures 2029

The number of people living in Canberra is increasing In 2019 there are around 430,000 people in the ACT. By 2029 it is projected that the ACT will be home to 500,000 people. More people means a need for more schools and hospitals as well as public infrastructure such as public toilets and pla...

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With the new bus system being introduced many Canberrans were outraged that their bus got sooo slow but thier friends bus got so quick, But not everybody can have this happen to them. So we decided to graph the frequency that busses go to each particular stop and the changes in this frequency tha...

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Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

DataOpener is a platform that organizes open data, and allows government and the public to get a better picture of what is happening in their local area, and helps people make decisions for their future, and helps inform government decisions for a better future. Using a combination of data sou...

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This tool - connects people to their community and environment according on their lifestyle needs and values. - ensures a diverse society is accommodated for in the ACT by linking people to their community hubs. - progresses the society by innovating with new t...

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As urban populations continue to grow, state governments continue motivating the public to use public transport. However, how well are the public transport systems on offer performing? A little bird has told us maybe not so well. LittleBird uses OpenData to profile public transport routes, provid...

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Our solution comes in two parts: a React frontend application for displaying map visualisations, and a backend Python API service for data retrieval and developers. Given a mode of transport, our app provides you with human centric data about possible routes between your location and another. I...

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CAS29 - Cyclist Augmentation System 2029 [Project 477]

# CAS29: Cycling Augmentation System ***Wherever you ride, whenever you ride, CAS29 has your back.*** ![CAS29 text conversation](https://i.ibb.co/Yk4K1CF/image4.png) It's 2029. You've overslept your alarm It's 8.59am. You're late for work. Speeding through your morning routine you get to...

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NEXTSTOP, an interactive dashboard supported by machine learning to help ACT government decision-making process for public transport development.

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Our project aims to help young adults better understand and visualise their career oportunities by providing tools to explore how geographic regions interact with jobs. Users have two main ways of interacting with our site. Users can choose an industry they are interested in (such as "medicine...

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LYFE - Lower Your Fuel Emissions

An initiative created by two passionate Software Engineering students from the University of Canberra. Rethink how you commute and help reduce your environmental impact. Calculate your commute's carbon footprint and learn about the possible alternatives.

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For GovHack 2019 we’ve taken on the challenge of improving public transport experiences into the future with open data. We've created a real-time location-based chat platform for public transport users, *T-Chat*. ##Problem If you travel on public transport you’ll be aware everyone travels ...

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Tapestry ====== # Draw the future! In order to visualise the future, first we must be able to understand the relationships between our data sets. Tapestry enables us to visualise exactly how changes in data will affect the entire tapestry of information, available to city planners of the f...

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Canberra Roads Wall Art

How do we use data from the past to predict a better future for Canberra and connect our citizens with their environment? We believe that predicting a better future for Canberra starts with appreciating what we currently have. The Canberra Roads Wall Art project helps connect our citizens to ou...

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# Question How can we use open datasets to help job-seekers and entrepreneurs take advantage of their skills and emerging market opportunities? # Solution Our solution uses machine learning and AI to predict changes in the job market, at a national and regional level. JobsAndGrowth allows...

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Are you really going to drive tomorrow?

"Are you really going to drive tomorrow?" combines a geospatial analysis of commute options with a statistical model to support an AI recommender for social nudge and incentive based behavioural change. The return on investment has been maximised by targeting the highest value times for road u...

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Smart Parking Management System using Deep Learning

Have you ever found yourself driving around looking for a parking spot? And by the time you find one, it’s far away from where you need to be, and you’re already running late? This is a problem many of us face every day, and it costs individuals, businesses and the economy millions of do...

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Our project is an app that help tourists and locals alike by providing information on many of the necessary information about your location or a specific location that is searched by the user, this information ranges from providing the user with location of toilets and ATM's through to giving the...

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Project Splash!

# Splash! by Green. With continual population growth and the escalating impacts of climate change, water will become an even more scarce and precious resource than it is today. Safeguarding Australia's limited water supply will require all Australians to understand water's essential role in ou...

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Future Jobs Finder

![Future Jobs Finder Logo](https://i.imgur.com/H1qwXYH.png "Future Jobs Finder Logo") # The Problem For young people, choosing a career path can be a daunting experience. There are a wide range of industries and occupations that are all constantly adapting. In ten years time - new occupations w...

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