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Team 460 presents CoolMove, a cooler and more seamless experience for transport users in NSW and elsewhere in Australia. In addition to the usual trip planning on public transport networks, CoolMove also shows users the coolest walking routes for users to access public transport without breaking ...

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Green Routes' vision is to increase citizens' engagement with their environment. Along with preparing citizens for urban heat, we believe that we can also tackle congestion, reduce obesity in young Australians, and improve the overall well-being of all citizens. With more and more Australia...

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### ⚠️ THE PROBLEMS We identified three main pain points affecting the quality of our journey on trains: - Quick and concise ETA at your destination: right now it's something that you check before the trip begins, but once you're in transit it's hard to go back and find the bus or train tha...

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Decongest Sydney!

Decongest Sydney! proposes a hybrid technological and regulatory solution, such that the regulation incentivises the technology and the technology supports the regulation - leading ultimately to a de-congested Sydney.

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GreenWay - Pulling a Key Level to Reduce Congestion

GreenWay is a live functional web app that navigates shows you between any two points in the Greater Sydney Area with routes that prioritise greenery and avoid the urban heat of the built up in environment. It also shows you heat maps for the area showing the levels of vegetation cover and temper...

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## Project Sydney is an amazing city, extremely diverse, business focused and driven. But as with most big cities, congestion of traffic (public and drivers) is a large problem and often a complaint of many locals. Enter Redirect. Redirect aims to be a platform to model, simulate and plan bet...

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GridReaper is a congestion forecaster for commuters. It provides commuters an accurate forecast of congestion in various transportation methods in the following days, weeks, and months.

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