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The Digging Stick

Our project brings to light some interesting information from an old newspaper article that details an example of evidence of Aboriginal farming practices.

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indigi : The Indigenous Language Learning App

Our project aims to create platform that raises awareness and helps to promote and preserve the Aboriginal language. Through gamification we will create an indigenous language learning application known as “Indigi”, that allows for easy learning and understanding of various indigenous dialects. ...

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Subversive Immersive

We are looking at making historical data available to modern audiences in a way that encourages engagement with Australian history. We seek to evidence and acknowledge that not all people recall events as the may be popularly known.

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Gurumba bigi

Our vision is to showcase a small number of aboriginal Queensland languages by providing easily accessible, engaging, and interactive resources.

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My Place

Our vision for the weekend was to use emerging technology to create an application used in partnership with communities to promote and encourage active participation in the preservation and reconstruction of some of our most valuable and at-risk languages. We’ve used Augmented Reality, Virtua...

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Historical Agricultural Methodology Index [HAMI]

A website based index of historical indigenous farming methods and forum for new and upcoming farming startups. To prepare for our future, we must look into the past. Applying indigenous Australian techniques that have been honed for millennia we can distinguish one of the largest agricultural ex...

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