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Once Upon A Crime.

A song about Australian convicts and their history. Taking multiple data sets about Australian convicts, we used the information in them to write a song about two convicts in particular. this song is designed to be informative, and enjoyable. it is suitable for school and community.

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Interactive Culture

This project addresses two SA based challenges, Digital Culture and Physical Culture. Consequently our project is made of two parts. The first is a website that does neural style transfer to convert curent day image back in time to colonist era with the image style of your choice. The second is i...

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Historical Agricultural Methodology Index [HAMI]

A website based index of historical indigenous farming methods and forum for new and upcoming farming startups. To prepare for our future, we must look into the past. Applying indigenous Australian techniques that have been honed for millennia we can distinguish one of the largest agricultural ex...

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National Investment and Commerce Initiative or NICI is a modern gateway to connect investors, migrants and tourists to opportunities and services provided by the federal, state, and local government agencies. NICI's AWS based intelligent platform employs mature services such as machine learning, ...

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Read the README description at the repository to better understand how it works. However, a simple description is: When there is a need of using more than one dataset, there is a need to cross them at some point. This project is a Python Module capable of doing such merge automatically. It is ...

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The Full Deck

'The Full Deck' is a fun and creative way of turning a regular pack of cards into a gateway to the North Adelaide Cultural Precinct, in both the real and virtual worlds. Each playing card features a different photo taken from online datasets from four of the institutions in this precinct, bri...

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Mae is history knowledgeable chatbot that is tailored to enhance dialog and conversations using text or audio (Smart Devices e.g. Phone or Google Home) and integrates into websites, applications or instant messengers (e.g. Facebook Messenger) to get closer to end users. The goal is to deliver an ...

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The SAritage app focuses on providing an interactive and intuitive way of displaying the artefacts and exhibits at South Australian museums and art galleries by using Virtual Reality. It also fosters community engagement by providing the people of the community an opportunity to contribute to th...

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Bone Storm is a new wave Enterprise system where local composers can join the largest original composers forum. The website includes composers forum where there is tablature, bass, chord sheets, interviews, and just a chat bot.Once logged in, you can share files such as; guitar -bass tabs throug...

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