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CloseRanks powered by Resonance

# CloseRanks CloseRanks is the first application built on top of the Resonance algorithm and has been developed to demonstrate how the Resonance Algorithm can be applied to solve real problems in the world. ## Overview CloseRanks is application to assist with community co-ordination during t...

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Thriving Tasmania

PROBLEM IDENTIFICATION: • One of the key reasons for the last year bushfire was climate change. It had caused damages to the natural environment, tourism areas and commercial activities. If such events happen more frequently, it will be catastrophic to Tasmanian natural assets. Therefore, it is ...

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Workplaces and businesses are trending towards online activities, and as a result workplaces and cities will become more geographically distributed across the country and across the globe. This brings with it a great opportunity for smaller local economies to take advantage of the portability of...

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Project NRG - New Renewable Green

This application will allow informed choice of energy supplies to your home in Tasmania.

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Firewatch 🔥

The devastating effect that bushfires have on the forests of Tasmania is a growing epidemic which seems to be worsening as time goes on. In summer of this year, Tasmania experienced the second largest bushfire event in the state's history [[abc news]([https://www.abc.net.au/news/2019-08-08/bu...

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Explore Launnie

As we expect a rapid growth of population in the greater Launceston community, we want to develop a website containing useful data. The data indicates locations of different places where family can visit, public facilities, and bike routes. And the information provided on the website can bring co...

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Inspiration: As the student of UTAS and TAS Newcomer, we are allured by this beautiful city and it is a wonderful thing to explore this extraordinary land. However, this convenient driving condition always comes with car parking inconvenience, many students and tourists often met the problem of ...

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Fish Go

Tasmania has Australia's best marine resources, not only beautiful landscape, but also a variety of fish resources. Although fishing enthusiasts know where the best place for fishing is, but other people do not know about these kind of information. As we know that there are many famous places for...

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Every day, many people die or get seriously injured by motorcycles. We aim to change this with our web-program, BikeBound. Will you crash when you drive your motorcycle? Find out by answering a few questions before your drive on the website.

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PFJ 2020

Choose2Refuse: the app that will let users monitor their use of single use plastics helping tell the story of the impac Plastic Free July has on the world

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