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Gurumba bigi

Our vision is to showcase a small number of aboriginal Queensland languages by providing easily accessible, engaging, and interactive resources.

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My Place

Our vision for the weekend was to use emerging technology to create an application used in partnership with communities to promote and encourage active participation in the preservation and reconstruction of some of our most valuable and at-risk languages. We’ve used Augmented Reality, Virtua...

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## ![QWild Logo](https://i.imgur.com/1Lk43aO.png) ### Team Members 🐨 Aaron Charlton | Team Captain, Web Developer 🦘 Ivan von Christ | UX/UI Designer 🦇 Genevieve Carter | Web Developer ### Project Description Wildlife across Queensland and Australia are faced with numerous threats,...

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Little Yarns

Little Yarns is an app that allows children and families to engage with indigenous language. Little Yarns provides children and families the opportunity to engage with our indigenous languages, building awareness and celebrating the cosmopolitan diversity of our society. Little Yarns allows kids ...

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indigi : The Indigenous Language Learning App

Our project aims to create platform that raises awareness and helps to promote and preserve the Aboriginal language. Through gamification we will create an indigenous language learning application known as “Indigi”, that allows for easy learning and understanding of various indigenous dialects. ...

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Yours Outdoors

We have developed ***Yours Outdoors***, an App designed to find the best park and outdoor facilities for you and your friends.

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