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Well Beeing

#Password for the Homepage URL is 'pass'# As we aim to take a proactive approach at preserving one of our most valuable resources, our environment, we turn to another valuable resource for solutions. Data. Our response to the current climate is to create an app we call Well Bee-ing, Powered...

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A collection depot has million of trash and some of them already had an object detection technology to filtering but they haven't used that data to make an application for the community yet. The more precisely people trash in, the less effort for delivering and collection depots also. Imagin...

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Educating the community about waste management and resource recovery, and encouraging more mindful behaviour through AI based reward or penalty systems. The goal is a long term reduction in waste to landfill through better community engagement from government provided waste collection services.

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Water Aid

INTRODUCTION There are four members making up KTKT who are Kylie, Thanh, Karthik and Tin. The project the group produces for the GovHack2019 competition. PROBLEM The problem the team wishes to tackle is water resource management in Australia. A central theme connecting them, with data across...

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Ripple Effect

It’s not only about shorter showers. How do the decisions we make every day influence water supply and distribution? We have created a native iOS Mobile App to play an interactive story of an everyday encounter, where you have to make simple choices that lead to different outcomes (a lush ...

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Project Bowtie

Our vision is to promote awareness to leaders that the current level of innovation is constrained by out dated philosophies. Our team has portrayed an example where we can either choose to follow he same path or we can take on the learning of other countries and iterate on there ideas for a more ...

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SwacchCity (Clean City)

SwacchCity (Clean city) is a digital ecosystem initiative based on data analytics, AI, ML and Image processing to understand different usages of waste and recycle it in a better automated way for making the city clean.

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PFJ 2020

Choose2Refuse: the app that will let users monitor their use of single use plastics helping tell the story of the impac Plastic Free July has on the world

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It’s Bin Long Enough.

Starting July all general consumables for sale need to have a scannable barcode in relation to our App “Global Disposal Proposal”. The app connects with marketers, producers, buyers and manufacturers to clearly inform users on the correct way to dispose of packaging.

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![urTrash Logo](https://i.imgur.com/ScDKy3q.png "urTrash Logo") # The Problem Around four billion kilograms of plastic is produced annually. 90% of it isn’t recycled. This is a major issue to our health and the environment. Plastic: ◆ Never goes away ◆ Affects human health ◆ Spoils our groundw...

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Our Project is based working with local artists to create sculptures, paintings and large scale murals that incorporate objects that would otherwise end up in landfill every year.

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tell me a story

Suburb gentrification - a tale of two suburbs

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