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Bankruptcy – making it easier

Over 100,000 Australians face bankruptcy. Why small and medium sized businesses go bankrupt ? Our historical data analysis shows the top reason being excessive use of credit facilities including losses on repossessions, high interest payments and high cash flow. Is it an easy escape to decla...

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What is the tool Our tool provides individuals the ability to compare the current state of their life to historical bankruptees, allowing them to assess the statistical likelihood of bankruptcy. How does it work As you enter personal details, you will be presented with a percentage chance of t...

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Bankruptcy Prediction

This project is a part of GovHack 2019 Challenge. Challenge details and datasets have been provided by Australian Financial Security Authority (AFSA). Challenge aims to make it easier for people to tell AFSA their income and assets when they become bankrupt.

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Bankrupt or Not?

## Background When an individual goes bankrupt, they go to the AFSA to declare their bankruptcy. While this becomes public information and may make it difficult for an individual to take loans or even leave the country, they are legally allowed to not pay back their debts, with the condition t...

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The Easier Way Out

Filing for bankruptcy can be stressful for people. This already difficult time becomes increasingly overwhelming when you're faced with an extended form asking you about the entirety of your financial situation. 'The Easier Way Out' project aims at making it simpler for applicants to complete ...

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