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ILI - Innovative Land Index

# Team CeRDIfy ## Our Team - Daniel Ferguson - Team leader & developer - Dr. Angela Neyland - GIS expert & video editor - Dr. Basharat Ali - Researcher - Chris Bahlo - Overall ninja (actually a knight) - Derek Walters - Researcher ## Innovative Land Index (ILI) The Innovative Land Inde...

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Visualising Land Use

Analysing the information from the dataset provided by Agriculture Victoria, we strive to make the data accessible and user friendly.

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Project - Victoria Soils

This is a project about giving information to farmers in Victoria, at what soil they are growing crops and what soils are nearby them, secondly, which are bush fire-prone areas near them. So they can plan their investment. For these, we have created an app which shows what type of soil they have ...

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Project X

We have developed a solution that comprises data from different sources like TERN, IMOS, City of Darwin and Victoria. All of our datasets are listed in our Github Repository

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Next Crops is a cloud based native Android app developed by team ARVIS. It helps farmers in Australia to make big decision on the next generation crops to grow on their farm land. We have crafted a cloud application that untilise a bunch of data sets such as Agriculture Victoria Soils API, Irriga...

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