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Making visitor help information more agile and accessible to all

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Connecting Victoria

I decided to work on a project to help connect people easily to Shires throughout Victoria. I love living in regional Victoria in the Latrobe Shire and I love to uncover different unique places within my Shire. I would encourage Victorians and visitors to Victoria to get out there and visit the...

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SwacchCity (Clean City)

SwacchCity (Clean city) is a digital ecosystem initiative based on data analytics, AI, ML and Image processing to understand different usages of waste and recycle it in a better automated way for making the city clean.

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Destination Tourism

We have produced a Mobile-First Destination Tourism POC which motivates visitors to engage with a destination, utilising the app to plan and experience local POIs during their stay. In the background, the Content Management System (CMS) engine houses the POI data including i-Beacon GIS refe...

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NextGen Transport - Smart Commute

Smartcommute is a better means of nextGen transport which involves on-demand services as well as eco-friendly transport service for the future.

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