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The Belonging project will be - Everybody belongs in society. Some children/adults are stigmatised by what has been traditionally called “special needs” or differences. This doesn’t need to happen. Utilising appropriate datasets to identify targeted populations with differences key community memb...

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Team Black Glossy

Using machine learning from audio sources to identify black glossy cockatoos from around the region.

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Water Aid

INTRODUCTION There are four members making up KTKT who are Kylie, Thanh, Karthik and Tin. The project the group produces for the GovHack2019 competition. PROBLEM The problem the team wishes to tackle is water resource management in Australia. A central theme connecting them, with data across...

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Accessible Toilet Finder

**Our Project** When you have to go, you have to go! But where to go? When travelling on public transport, this can be a challenge for people with less mobility needing to use an accessible toilet – that’s where we come in. The project makes data useful for people who need to find accessibl...

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Fixing Disabled Parking

Our Project allows people who are not disabled not to park there. This reduces parking congestion. The electronic tag communicates with the bollard and retracts when a permit holder tries and parks.

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Alexa ABS Game

I created an Alexa skill which quizzes players on their understanding of Australian statistics. This enables people of all abilities and education levels to interact with Alexa to learn about Australia.

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