🌟 How can we make education inclusive for students with disabilities?

Jurisdiction: Western Australia

Various disabilities can prove to be a barrier to learning and functioning in education. In order to provide an inclusive environment, institutions and educators need to learn how to help remove those barriers; and students need to feel that they can be involved in the process.

Typically having a higher level of education results in better employment opportunities, economic security and increased independence. However, people living with disabilities face challenges on a continual basis, that includes difficulties in participating at school leading to lower educational attainment.

In recent findings, 9% of school students have a disability and 83% of people with autism in Australia were under the age of 25.

People of all ages are able to access educational opportunities, but people with disabilities often lack engagement, attainment, and participation. Coming up with ways to make education more inclusive is vitally important, as is coming up with ideas outside traditional educational pathways and support options.

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